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How Listening To Metalica and A New Business Telephone System Helped A Guitar Shop Owner Become A Guitar Hero

Brendan Mann

“The sound of silence was killing us. We would put people on hold and 56% would hang up as we had no hold music. They all thought the line had gone dead. Now our customers rock out to Metallica.” The man telling me this story is dressed in black. He has hair down to his knees. This man is Tom Sinclair. He is a millionaire thanks to his musical instrument empire.

“When you think about a music store with no telephone hold music. It is like a guitar with no strings. It was crazy. I am surprised it took us so long to install a business telephone system.”When most business owners think of business telephony systems, they think of big businesses with offices and teams of workers. In the world of retail customer interaction is equally important. A high-quality phone system is vital If you want to give a professional impression.

I spoke to Tom at his musical instruments warehouse. Tom was kind enough to explain how his new phone system had increased his business. But first Tom had a treat for me. A performance of “Stairway to heaven.” I was impressed by Tom’s guitar playing. But I was even more impressed with the numbers he showed me. Thanks to his new business telephone system. Tom had seen a 45% increase in customer satisfaction.

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“We had a 56% hang-up rate customers would call. Get transferred and hear silence. The customer’s just assumed that a bunch of talented musicians had hung up on them. It was crazy, we would run around the warehouse looking for items and then go back to the phone. Now we put people on hold. Let them enjoy some Metalica, and make an internal call to check stock. Our business telephone system has revolutionized our business.”

Tom found his new business telephone system. After finding the UK’s number one business costs comparison website. Where he was able to compare the costs of business telephony suppliers and find the best deal for his business.

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