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How Much Do Photocopiers Cost?

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How Much Do Photocopiers Cost?

Worried about the cost of business photocopiers? Don’t be! Regardless of the size of your business, or your industry, there’s a photocopier deal that will tick all the boxes, giving you a great photocopier for an affordable price. If you’re a home-based business or a small startup enterprise, for example, you may find that a low volume, black and white photocopier is the most cost effective solution to your business needs. Large design agencies, on the other hand, may prefer a to find a deal on a more advanced model.

So just how much does a business photocopier really cost? Well, the price will, of course, be determined by a number of different factors. The first aspect to consider is the features of the copier, and the services it can provide to the business. The second aspect is how you choose to pay for your copier.

  • Photocopier Features

    Basic, low volume business photocopiers are often available for between £300 and £700 when purchased outright, depending on the make and model. These are ideal for small working environments where space is a big consideration as the hardware is typically very compact. However, they do lack many of the more advanced features, such as colour or duplex printing. For high tech photocopiers, businesses can pay anywhere from £2000 to £10,000 depending on the copier in question. These will usually provide more options, such as paper sizes ranging all the way from A6 to A2, full network capabilities, and the option to save to a digital file.

  • Photocopier Financing

    The above guide prices are for business that opt to purchase their photocopier outright. While this can be a good option for businesses, many prefer to either lease or rent their photocopier, paying an agreed sum on a monthly basis and retaining capital to invest in other business ventures and other growth and development opportunities. The exact amount you’ll pay for rental or leasing will be determined by the value of the photocopier, and the agreed payment period – the longer the contract, the less you’ll pay each month. Typically, a monthly fee or rental or leasing a photocopier will range from around £10 per month, to around £200.

  • Renting

    Renting is similar to leasing, but many find it to be a little more flexible. Rather than having to commit to a long term contract, renting is usually arranged on a month-by-month basis. One of the other major benefits of renting a business photocopier is that the rental company will usually retain responsibility for ongoing maintenance of the machine, and may upgrade your equipment as necessary at no extra charge. Rental costs are often a little higher than leasing.

  • Finding an Affordable Deal

    Whether you choose to purchase a business photocopier outright, or look into leasing or rental options, you’ll find the best deals at We’re committed to reducing the typical costs associated with a range of business services, including photocopiers, giving your business a unique opportunity to invest your working capital into further growth and development opportunities.

Finding the Best Deals

At compareyourbusinesscosts, we’ll help you find the best photocopier for your budget. Whether you’re looking for a small, low cost photocopier for documentation purposes, or an advanced model to meet the demands of a busy, bustling design agency, we’ll identify the best deals, from the best suppliers. Simply fill out our simple online form today to get started, and see what sort of great deals you can find!

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