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How Much Does an EPOS System Cost?

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How Much Does an EPOS System Cost?

If your business is constantly striving to minimise outgoings, you may be concerned about the costs associated with purchasing an EPOS system. Cost is a particular concern if you opt to buy hardware from a manufacturer and pay an additional fee for EPOS software, or if you’re planning to purchase add on hardware that can be attached to your terminal, such as scanners or printing devices. In many cases, a business will be asked to pay a one-off fee for the hardware, plus a monthly subscription fee for use of the services. As a guide, £35 per month is about standards for the monthly subscription fee in the UK.

The cost of an EPOS system is largely dependent upon three distinct factors:

  • Features

    EPOS systems can be as basic or as advanced as you need them to be. Businesses will typically pay less for a basic model, and more for a model with advanced features included as standard.

  • Hardware

    Hardware perhaps affects the cost of EPOS systems the most. There are many different forms of EPOS terminal, including PC-style monitors and handheld devices that connect to your WiFi.

  • Brand

    EPOS systems are hugely popular, so it’s no surprise that there are many different brands selling EPOS hardware and software. Different brands charge different prices, so research well!

The price of an EPOS system can also be affected by many other factors, including the service you receive from your provider. Some costs may, for example, include future upgrades and ongoing maintenance or troubleshooting as standard, while other rates may stipulate that a business will need to pay an extra fee for these services. These are all aspects that businesses should take into account. The good news is that many providers will offer a free trial period, allowing you to test out their hardware and software to see if it’s right for your business before you commit to a formal contract.

There are, of course, free EPOS systems available, but these typically have one very big flaw: they’re not customisable to your business. This means that you may not be able to enjoy all of the advantages that an EPOS system can bring. Therefore, businesses are always advised to compare EPOS prices carefully online to find a customisable system that will fit in with their business and meet all their requirements.

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