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How to Find the Best Business Broadband Deals

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How to Find the Best Business Broadband Deals

As fast, reliable business broadband becomes increasingly important in a world where many of our transactions, interactions, and communications occur online, more and more businesses are searching for the best business broadband deals to ensure they’re getting the best service for the best price. But just what are the best ways to find broadband deals at a time when some UK providers are increasing their broadband prices by more than 100 percent per year? Here’s what your business needs to know:

  • Compare Broadband Deals Online

The Money Advice Service states that price comparison websites are a ‘great place to start your research’ when it comes to looking for gas, electricity, or broadband deals. However, they do advise using multiple price comparison websites to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision. For internet and broadband deals, for example, you may wish to check out two different price comparison websites, such as and to get all the information you need. Comparing broadband deals is one of the best ways to minimise your costs.

  • Consider Bundles

If you’re also interested in business phones, or business mobiles, as well as finding the best broadband deals, it may be worth looking at providers who offer ‘bundles’ – multiple services bundled together into a single package that is often more cost effective than securing the services separately. If you already have an existing business phone or mobile package, don’t worry. Under new Ofcom regulations, switching providers is set to become much less stressful for both consumers and businesses as responsibility for the switchover will lie with the new provider, and not with the customer.

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  • Look for Special Deals

There has long been concerns that providers offer the best broadband deals for new customers, leaving existing customers out in the cold. While it can be argued that these arrangements aren’t fair, new customers may as well take advantage of anything a provider has to offer. In terms of broadband deals, this could be special rates for the first 6 months or 12 months of your contract, inclusion of additional extras such as routers, or even free gifts or reduced price services. While any rate reductions will disappear after the arranged period, an initial discount can significantly help a growing business.

  • Commit Gradually

If you’re a smaller or newer business with plans to further grow and develop in the near future, beware of signing up for long term broadband deals, such as 3 year contracts which may offer a lower price but limited flexibility. Remember that good broadband deals aren’t just about cost, they’re about value for money, too. Businesses that anticipate significant growth may get better value for money from a short term contract initially, with the option to tailor their service to meet their evolving needs. Don’t jump in head first – it’s well worth testing out a broadband package to ensure it ticks all the boxes.

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