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Your Phone Is Costing You £11,323 Cut That In Half Today

Brendan Mann
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The 2016 OFCOM telecommunications study for small businesses shows a number of alarming trends within the SME business sector. With SME businesses spending an average of £11,323 each year on telecommunications services. It remains a surprise that over 50% of businesses contacted have never looked at changing suppliers or reviewing their current agreement. It is estimated that over 30% of businesses could make savings if they took the time to review their existing telecommunications agreement.

What are the simple things every business can do to reduce their telecommunications costs

Review your current supplier

The best place to start is your current supplier. While many businesses have been on their current tariff from day one. It is important to review your current telecommunications agreement. Contact your supplier and see if there are savings you can make. Also look at services you may be paying for but not making the most of. A business will often find themselves paying for a service that was a good idea several years ago. But is rarely used in the present day.

Don’t get stuck on an old contract

If you present contract has expired and you are simply rolling forward with your current telecommunications agreement. Explore the alternatives and see what savings and additional services are available to you.

The best place to start is a business cost comparison website. This will save you a great deal of time. Rather than reviewing providers on an individual basis. Compare the entire market, including your current supplier. Learn what savings you can make and what improvements you can make to your existing telecommunications network.

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Compare alternative suppliers

Don t be afraid to switch suppliers. In the extremely competitive world of business communications. Switching your business telecommunications supplier has never been more simple. Your business will experience no downtime or change of phone numbers. The process has never been more simple. Especially if you use a specialist website.

Bundle your agreement

If you have an old telecommunications and internet agreement with one supplier and your mobile devices are registered with another. Look at bundling the services into one agreement. You will probably find greater savings. As well as uncovering some very useful services that will allow you to merge your data and increase your productivity and workflow.

When you consider over 60% of businesses are overpaying for telecommunications services. The time to act is now.

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