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How Vehicle Tracking Systems Can Save Your Business Money

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How Vehicle Tracking Systems Can Save Your Business Money

One of the primary advertised benefits of vehicle tracking systems of businesses is that it could save money, yet many companies don’t understand exactly what this means. It can be difficult to understand how installing a GPS system can reduce costs and free up a portion of your financial resources for other endeavours, so we’re here to help! Here’s how vehicle tracking could help to save you money:

  • GPS Technology

    Global positioning systems that utilise real time information are one of the best ways to save on fuel costs. Taking into account current road conditions – including traffic jams, accidents, and closures – GPS can ensure your drivers are always on the fastest, clearest route to their destination. Studies suggest that nearly half of all drivers fail to use the most fuel-efficient route during their journey, demonstrating just how much of a difference a GPS can really make.

  • Driver Behaviour

    Running behind schedule? It can be tempting to speed, but your fleet may consume fuel at a faster rate when travelling at speeds of 60 miles per hour or more, and when constantly accelerating and decelerating. When a 55mph speed limit was introduced in the USA, fuel consumption dropped by 6 percent! Vehicle tracking allows you to monitor driver behaviour, enabling you to provide beneficial feedback that could help to save your business money.

  • Vehicle Maintenance

    The data that is relayed back to the vehicle tracking software is very telling, and in many cases unexpected data can imply that the vehicle is failing to perform optimally. Did you know that a 10-psi loss in tyre pressure can boost fuel consumption by 1 percent? Vehicle tracking systems make it easier to recognise when a member of the fleet may require maintenance, helping to save on fuel costs and also helping to keep your drivers safe and secure while on the road.

  • Make the Switch

    In many cases, a vehicle tracking system will identify areas where you need to make a few minor adjustments to see a change in your costs. However, if your data shows that your fleet is very costly, it could mean that switching vehicles is necessary. Switching to a vehicle that gives more miles to the gallon is a great way to save money in the long term, despite the upfront cost. Your tracking system should show an instant reduction in fuel costs to reflect the changes.

Whether you have a large or small fleet in operation, a vehicle tracking system could help your business to save money, particularly on fuel costs. Browse the options today and compare prices at We’ll help you to find the very best deals on the market.

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