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Office rent

Likely to be one of the largest if not the largest overhead your company will have to pay, office rent can cost millions per year. So it doesn’t just make economic sense to ensure you are getting the best deal but it should be an essential priority when looking for your new office space. Just follow the links below to find out more about what types of spaces you can compare.

Types of Office Rent:

Good to Know…

  • The Office Space is often the key driver for employee engagement and morale and sets the tone for how your staff treat the equipment and furniture
  • It’s often seen by customers as a reflection of your business, we all know customers buy on emotion and if they feel your office is dingy, worn out or just plain undesirable they are likely to associate that with your company too
  • Imagine you find a bargain office but it’s in the middle of nowhere and only 1/3 of your staff drive. The ones who do drive then have their living costs increase because of the extra fuel consumption, what would your staff be saying to you? Would it be in a safe area? Location is probably one of the most important factors when looking at office space and it’s imperative you consider the majority of your existing workforce when relocating.

Useful Tools…

  • Transport Links
  • What’s in the local area
  • What businesses are near
  • Car Parking
  • Crime

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