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Is Your Office Space Out of Date?

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Is Your Office Space Out of Date?

It’s no secret that the way we work today is significantly different to the way we worked 50 or 60 years ago. The ‘cellular’ approach, which was especially common in the 1950’s, is failing to meet modern requirements, and a report by the British Council for Offices claims that this approach hasn’t been working for about 30 years, ever since businesses began to regularly utilise technology in the office. 63 percent of workers today believe that their current office space was not designed with people in mind.

Is your office space out of date? If you’re still working within an old, cellular office space layout, you may find that there are a few issues that frequently pop up that can affect productivity and efficiency.

  • Networking a cellular office space for web connectivity can be be challenging due to layout.
  • Employees may struggle with internal communication and collaboration with teams.
  • An enclosed office space restricts knowledge sharing. People feel more creative in groups.

Since the height of the cellular office, we’ve seen many different trends come and go. The 1960’s brought the open plan office, the 1970’s brought the ‘group office’, and the 1980’s brought the combi-office. Despite these all being very different office space layouts, we do see one recurring theme throughout: they all have a more free-flowing nature, facilitating more modern working patterns.

If you take a look at the hottest office space trends in the UK today, you’ll find that coworking spaces top the list. These are, perhaps, the latest in what is anticipated to be a very long line of collaborative office space movements. These office spaces take into account modern ways of working, enabling knowledge sharing, encouraging inspiring and motivating networking between like minded individuals, and ensuring efficient and effective use of technology that can help to grow and develop a business, like broadband.

An Office Space for Modern Needs
Many business owners are realising that their office spaces are outdated, which is affecting their ability to further develop their business, as well as having an impact upon employees. They’re turning to comparison in a bid to identify and locate a more suitable solution that facilitates their contemporary working patterns. By comparing office space online, it’s easy to find coworking spaces, serviced offices, or managed workspaces that will give you the flexibility you need to further expand your business.

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