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ISDN is a type of phone service. The initials stand for integrated services digital network and it’s similar to analogue phones in that you still have a physical phone. There are a few differences with ISDN compared with the traditional analogue line.Currently analogue lines are a single open channel or pipe between two places. Once a call is placed, that physical connection between the two parties cannot be used by anyone else or for any other purpose. So you can understand the issues this can cause businesses (think of the days you couldn’t use the internet if someone was on the house phone)

ISDN on the other hand is digital, and both voice and data are sent as digital “packets”. These packets, like cars on a motorway, can be caravanned with packets of other conversations travelling on the same circuit. Each packet on and ISDN line contains calling information so that it will exit to the appropriate party. Since ISDN carries more calls it means you can have more of your employees using the phones at the same time. Because ISDN is a digital service the calls are also clearer and if you use the phone line to connect to the internet ISDN will make your browsing faster, which is always a bonus for any growing business. There are a tonne of other technologies that become available if you are on an ISDN line including Video Conferencing, Direct Dialling in (DDI), Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

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