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IT Security Manager Blocks 3,000 Server Requests To Pornhub Thanks To Business Telephony Switch.

Brendan Mann

A senior IT security manager who for legal reasons cannot be named. Offered to meet me in a London cafe to explain how he infiltrated an addiction to porn websites. He also managed to prevent a ransomware attack on his network. He told me that for years, his department had been using a standard business broadband system. “I could not believe it when I was brought into the job. We handle extremely sensitive and critical data. And we use a standard broadband network. That anyone can access.” After months of petitioning his superiors, he managed to persuade them to switch to an Ethernet leased line network.

He explained. “I had finally taken control of the network. I was able to put new security measures in place. So I could protect data and see exactly what was going on across the entire network. Our organization is connected to law enforcement and I always suspected most of the guys were. Whiskey Alpha November Kilo Echo Romeo Sierras. But I was shocked when I gained control of the network and discovered exactly how deep the problem went.”

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This vigilant IT director managed to block over 3,000 server requests to the Pornhub website in just one week. “It was crazy, my team dedicated hundreds of hours to cleaning virus riddled computers. After I blocked all network access to adult sites. The problem seemed to disappear. The HR department also reported the gents toilets are now cleaner and less congested.”

A recent ransomware attack involving the well-publicized “wanna-cry” virus was also stopped. The “wanna-cry” attack involved computers across entire networks being locked. Making them useless unless thousands of pounds in ransom was paid to the attackers. The “wanna-cry” virus quickly became known as the “wanna-cry with happiness” virus as employees rejoiced in seeing entire IT systems become useless resulting in employees going home for the day.

“I stopped the attack if people had been opening any old email that came their way our entire network would have gone down. By allowing me, the IT manager, ownership of the network. I can prevent malicious attacks and keep employees working. Rather than wasting their time on malicious sites.” This nameless IT guy should be an inspiration to us all.

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