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LAN Extension

If you want to extend your private office network across a public network, such as your business internet, you have a few options:

Secure VPN
LAN Extension
MPLS Network
VPLS Network

A LAN extension is an easy solution for businesses that experience problems caused by the limited range of Ethernet cables. By having a LAN extension service you can have dedicated high speed links between two sites or offices, connecting together your local area networks at really fast speeds. All our comparisons compare Ethernet LAN extensions so you can get speeds of up to 10Gb.

Generally speaking getting a LAN extension would mean a one off install or hardware charge and then a fixed monthly payment. But what are the benefits?

  • Cost Effective – You will have a fixed monthly amount so budgeting is easy and setting up a separate LAN for a second office can mean doubling your existing costs, whereas with a LAN extension you need no extra special equipment or services other than the link and a router.
  • Multi-site offices can work as one – We all know the importance of sharing knowledge, ensuring all staff follows the same procedure and having easy access to vital business applications or documents. A LAN extension makes all of this possible, and more important it enables you to share all between two offices securely.
  • Dedicated and Guaranteed – A LAN extension will only be used by your offices so not only does that mean more stability but it also means you get all the same guarantees as an Ethernet leased line. So a service level agreement meaning the provider will ensure your LAN extension is always on – the most reliable guarantee available in telecoms.

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