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Compare Cheap Leased Lines

Getting a good leased line quote historically has been difficult – different providers can offer completely different prices & knowing where to get the best value can prove to be tricky. We take all the stress away by finding you a leased line quote. All that’s left for you to do is fill in the form above with your details & we will do all the hard work for you – It’s that simple!

What is a leased line?

A leased line is a dedicated data connection which gives you symmetrical upload and download speeds & a guarantees no downtime. Businesses use leased lines to deliver high speed, stable internet so they can have multiple users at one time with no impact to performance. Because the Leased Line is dedicated it means the bandwidth you need is solely reserved for your business so no more buffering at peak times.

What type of Leased Lines are there?

Leased Lines are mostly all ethernet now, however there are some other services that are slightly different:

  • EFM – Otherwise known as Ethernet First Mile. As the name suggests the first mile of an EFM is ethernet and the rest is usually delivered via copper. This means its generally a lower cost than traditional leased lines but is only available in approx. 20% of the country & can get max speeds of about 20mb.
  • MPLS Network – MPLS is the technology used on a leased line or network of leased lines. It stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. This is a technology most companies with multiple data sharing sites will utilise.
  • Ethernet Leased Lines – This is the most common connection used to deliver Internet to businesses. Symmetrical, uncontended & stable internet with great scalability.

How much does a leased line cost?

It all depends on 3 key factors -

  • The Bandwidth (speed) you need
  • Your Location
  • The Provider you get a quote from

Leased Line costs increase the higher the bandwidth & the further away from the exchange you are. Prices can range from as little as £150pcm to ten times that. To get an accurate Leased Line Quote simply fill in the above form and we would be happy to help.

Leased Line Providers

There are many leased line providers in the UK. The majority will use each other’s networks & often sell it cheaper to you so its always worth getting quotes from a few leased line providers to make sure you get the best deal. We compare over 15 of the best Leased Line providers in the UK to save you the time.