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Leased Line

An Ethernet Leased Line is like the Rolls Royce of business internet. It is designed for people that are reliant on a stable and “always on” internet. A Leased line will give you a guaranteed service and if it ever falls below you will usually start earning money off your next bill. You will also have an agreed maximum fix time which is usually 4-6 hours. This means if there is ever a fault in the network or leased line it will get fixed as a priority within that timescale. The comparison to broadband is no guarantees and it’s not been unheard of for lines to be down for weeks, sometimes even months!If considering looking at a leased line ask yourself the following :

  • Is uploading critical to my business?
  • Do I need more bandwidth?
  • Would losing the internet negatively impact my business?

If the answer is yes then a leased line is probably a good option to look at.

Leased lines operate over fibre which means it doesn’t matter how far away you are from the exchange. Take broadband for example – the further away you are from the exchange the lower your speeds will be. With a leased line however you can get full speed anywhere and its as simple as that you get what you pay for.

A common myth about leased lines is that install is thousands. In actual fact many 3 year terms will offer a free install. ECC charges can occur which is what a lot of people mistake the installs for.  ECC charges are any charges for the provider laying the fibre so if they have to dig under a field or road etc. With the availability of fibre in the UK now ECC charges are quite rare and usually only occur in rural locations. If you order and charges come up after survey you can opt out.

So if you business is reliant on the internet and you want to see how affordable a leased line could be simply fill out our online form for a free quote today.

Compare Cheap Business Broadband

A leased line is the ultimate business connectivity, giving your business totally uncontended bandwidth, symmetrical speeds plus 24/7-line monitoring and support from your provider. With it being a completely private line, it means that, unlike broadband, where you share your connection and the speed fluctuates, a leased line is only for you and your business. No sharing means you get full use of the bandwidth with no buffering. The download and upload speeds are the same so if have 100Mb Leased line you get 100Mb Upload and Download Speed. This is a huge benefit compared to broadband, especially when you couple it with the fact you get constant support & no download caps. Should you need more bandwidth later you can increase it at any time.

These days most businesses simply can’t afford to lose their internet connection. It can cost your business a fortune and frustrate your customers. Leased lines can send a huge amount of data with no limits to how much use you get out of them. Leased Line are also ideal if you have remote workers who need guaranteed access to your VPN network.

How Much Do Leased Lines Cost?

Leased line costs are one of the most important factors to consider when you are purchasing a new line or renewing your existing one. Most reputable providers will be quoting for same speeds, have similar service level agreements but the price can differ dramatically.

The costs of leased line have reduced in the past few years as more and more businesses move on to the service. However, the price you pay will always be dependent on a few things – your area and the bandwidth you need are key. The provider that quotes you also has a huge impact, all providers have strong and weak locations through the UK. Some will be competitive in one town and expensive in the next. Which is where our comparison can help you.

Leased Line Comparison Benefits

A quick search online will bring up plenty of sites claiming to compare leased lines. Most of these are single providers who just compare the tail circuits and sell you their line anyway.

However, we put you directly in touch with the top 3 providers in your area so you get the best deal and completely unbiased opinion. Because of the amount of companies, we have helped we are also given exclusive industry discounts which can save you up to 30% compared with going direct to the same provider. The main reasons so many companies trust us is :

  • Time saved – Because you don’t have to go direct to different providers
  • Money Saved – Due to the industry discounts
  • Over 150 verified 5-star reviews on trust pilot to date

Its such a simple process designed to save you money – all you need to do is fill out a form with your requirements and sit back while we do all the leg work for you.

Leased Line Quote

If you are getting a leased line quote and don’t know much about leased lines there’s a few factors to consider before getting your quote. Most Leased Lines are quoted as a fully managed circuit, which means the provider monitors the network and sets the line up etc. They will nearly always provide a router and other equipment needed too.

You can also request a “wires only” quote, which will be cheaper, but requires a high level of technical knowledge. You would monitor the network, set up the router, usually provide the equipment & must set it up. This is a great solution for some companies, but most are better off with a normal managed circuit quote.

Another thing to know before a quote is what speed you need. This is especially important for anyone going from broadband to a leased line. Many businesses will think they are on a 50Mb leased line when really, they get nowhere near that speed for examples sake let’s say they get an average speed of 10Mb. They will then choose to go onto a 100Mb leased line thinking they need more speed. But a 10Mb Leased line will feel 19 times faster than a 10Mb broadband because of the contention. So, if you currently have a broadband line its worth doing a few speed checks to see what upload and download you need.

The term of contract also has a huge impact on Leased Line Pricing. The industry standard is 36
months however contract lengths can range from 1 to 10 years & generally speaking the longer they
are the cheaper your monthly cost will be. A 1-year term will usually have a high install cost attached

Leased Line Speeds

The speeds of leased lines can

The quickest and easiest way to get a range of the most competitive quotes is to run a comparison with us & allow us to do all the work for you.