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Looking to ‘Go Green’? Vehicle Tracking Can Help

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Looking to ‘Go Green’? Vehicle Tracking Can Help

For businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles, the benefits of vehicle tracking are obvious. Businesses are able to improve communications with customers thanks to GPS accuracy, minimise on-the-road costs, and even reduce the incidence of accidents through a more thorough awareness of driving style. But there’s one very significant advantage of vehicle tracking that is perhaps a little less well known. Did you know that vehicle tracking can actually play an important role in helping your business to become more environmentally friendly, enabling you to meet your ‘green’ goals and do your part for the planet.

The Energy Saving Trust is currently heavily supporting vehicle tracking for businesses in the UK following in depth studies that have shown just how effective vehicle tracking can be. They found that…

…vehicle tracking can improve fuel efficiency, saving businesses up to £400 per month
…vehicle tracking can help businesses to significantly reduce their carbon emissions
…vehicle tracking can minimise ‘fuel-eating’ driving techniques, such as harsh braking

Unfortunately, despite there now being a wide range of vehicle tracking providers to choose from, it’s reported that less than 20 percent of businesses with van fleets in the UK make use of vehicle tracking services. At a time when the public are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to make ‘green’ choices – 1 in 3 of us now prefer eco-friendly options – a failure to install vehicle tracking could have a big impact upon sales and profits. This is especially true for delivery services and couriers. Tesco and the Royal Mail are already making use of vehicle tracking devices, with Tesco reporting a 12 percent saving on fuel costs, and the Royal Mail reporting a £4.4 million saving on fuel costs in total.

Finding a Vehicle Tracking System

There are many types of vehicle tracking system, so it’s a good idea to compare the options available. Some vehicle tracking systems offer aspects such as remote vehicle diagnostics, two-way messaging, panic buttons, trailer temperature monitoring, and many other additional extras that could help to improve productivity, reduce accidents, and ultimately help you to further develop your business. Cost is often cited as a major deterrent in terms of vehicle tracking, but the Energy Saving Trust claim that it can take just 12 months to recoup the value of the investment due to the significant cost savings it can bring. It’s quick and easy to compare different services at compareyourbusinesscosts.com.

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