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Manufacturers Demanding More Cost Effective Leased Lines

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Manufacturers Demanding More Cost Effective Leased Lines

The term ‘smart factory’ is one that’s expected to become a normal part of our vocabulary within the next few years, as more and more of the UK’s manufacturing plants turn to full automation in favour of manual input. We’re already seeing an influx of smart factories in Germany, and Britain is fully expected to follow suit. But there is one very big obstacle that could hamper our success in automation: internet.

As with any sort of ‘smart’ technology, such as smartphones or smart kitchen appliances, smart factories will rely upon solid, reliable connectivity to get the job done. As we already know, many small businesses and SMEs are reporting that their business internet connections are not living up to the hype (around 42 percent of SMEs report problems with connectivity), and it’s no different for manufacturers and for other large businesses within the industrial sector. Quite simply, we’re starting to question whether we really have what it takes to enable smart factories to get off the ground here in the UK.

Rising Demand for Leased Lines
In recent years there has been growing demand from UK business for dedicated leased lines, especially from the industrial and manufacturing industries. However, many are reportedly unhappy with the cost for these services. UK-based company Metal Assemblies paid £4500 for a leased line installation, and £600 per month ‘rent’ to access the service. They claim that they were essentially held ‘over a barrel’, having no choice but to pay these high costs because a standard business internet connection was proving to not be reliable enough to meet their growing demands for connectivity and automation.

Why Leased Lines are Costly

Apart from the fact that leased lines guarantee a reliable connection – something that an ADSL line cannot – there is another very important reason why leased lines can be costly – availability. Until recently, BT was the sole provider of leased lines, essentially meaning they could set their own price. Today, we do have a few more options, such as Virgin Media and Vodafone, which is helping to regulate costs, but as it stands, leased lines are still not ‘the norm’ when it comes to business connectivity.

Finding Affordable Leased Line Deals

The good news is that it’s not as difficult as you may think to find an affordable leased line deal for your business. Leased lines are more expensive than a standard ADSL line, but there’s really no need for manufacturers, or companies within any other sector, to feel like they’ve been held over a barrel. By comparing the different UK providers of leased lines in the UK, it’s quick and simple to see which provider are offering the most attractive and affordable rate for your needs. Give it a try today.

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