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Marketing Manager Says Thank You …

Brendan Mann

Marketing Manager Says Thank You His Fixed Line Telephone Provider For Free 2 Week Holiday In Barbados Learn How He Did It

Peter Taylor has just shared some information with me that I am sure will light up the business world and launch a thousand academic studies. “Barbados is hot.” But Peter Taylor has a bigger secret to share. In an exclusive interview from a pool side sun lounger, Mr Taylor explained exactly how he found himself pool side, all expenses paid in a five-star luxury resort.

“I was sick of my sales director chewing my backside of every month. My team was always chasing their sales target. And I was always getting my back side kicked.” Peter explained how a chance meeting with his Managing Director allowed him to sell the merits of his marketing team picking up the phone and chasing business. Rather than just sitting in front of their computer screens looking like extras from the hit television show The Walking Dead.

“It makes perfect sense If you speak to people things happen. I can have a conversation in five minutes, solve your problems and win your business. I had sales people exchanging two emails a day for a month. Thinking it was a hot deal waiting to come in.”

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In a long and insightful conversation, Peter explains how he persuaded his Managing Director to install a new fixed line business telephone system. And install a new company procedure. “I said to him, listen, Derek, can we make this lazy shower work for a living and not sit on their fat backsides thinking Facebook is work.”

One week after this conversation Peter had a new business phone system installed and told his team to make 200 phone calls a day. “It was amazing the office was noisy and alive, phones starting ringing. People started shouting and then it happened. I smashed the sales record and here I am sat by the pool.”

Business can be simple. If you remember the 1990s you will remember Tony Blair, Oasis and the telephone. The telephone was a great invention. Just ask anyone who got rich during the 90s.

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