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Meet The Team

To meet the team we thought there’s no better way to understand us than to have each of us describe each other. Looking back that may not have been the best idea! But we hope you enjoy anyway!

CYBC James profile


CEO and Director to the Stars

James is a man who thrives in competition and is always committed to making life as fun as possible being the definition of an optimist. His enthusiasm, passion and pure dedication to succeed is infectious whether it’s for work or racing round a track. But he does also have a hidden soft side… his love for animals (including the ones in the office!)

James started his first successful business at the age of 14 and has gone from strength to strength ever since and I’m undecided whether it’s a sign of madness or genius that he’s picked us to help him make this one work! He is also the main target for most of our office pranks so if you have any good suggestions please get in touch!

Supporting Charity – British Lung Foundation

As described by Carly

CYBC Carly Profile


Sales and Marketing Manager and Office Foghorn

Carly’s response to any tricky situation is: “We’ve got this!”… And to date…I can definitely say we always have!
Carly is the loud ray of sunshine in our office and not a day goes past without a joke, a laugh, a smile and usually some very immature behaviour/practical jokes.

From the minute Carly joined us she has got stuck in and has proved to be an integral cog in the machine who fully shares our vision of creating a market-leading brand to help business save money, whilst also creating a little happiness along the way.

As we grow, Carly is looking forward to giving a little back to Kids Company…a charity that she holds close to her heart… so watch this space!

Supporting Charity – Kids Company and Count the Kicks.

As described by James

CYBC Georgina Profile


Cost saving champion and crazy lady

Georgina was one of the first employees at CompareYourBusinessCosts.Com, whilst on the phone you are met with a young lady who is extremely professional and always a pleasure to talk to. However if you dare to step foot in our office you wouldn’t realise it was the same person! Georgina is crazy with a capital C and always the one to say something that has everyone rolling their eyes!

If you are thinking of contacting us Georgina would be the perfect person you would want to speak to, HOWEVER thinking of joining our team stay as far away as possible! Unless you like crude jokes thrown in your direction every 3 minutes.

Supporting Charity – The Teenage Cancer Trust

As Described by Laurence

CYBC Laurence Profile


Cost Saving Champion and smooth operator

Laurence well where do I start?! My first memory of Laurence was  when he was getting interviewed to work here – he was very sure of himself and was coming up with some very original answers to James questions! Interview stage over and surprisingly he got the job!

Since the day he started there is not one day that goes by that he doesn’t have us in stitches. He is a very confident lad on the phones and will always make clients laugh. Laurence likes to think of himself as a ladies man and is a little obsessed with Chris Brown! One thing I know is that if Laurence gets knocked down then before you know it he is back up fighting and I know because of that he will have a successful future.

Supporting Charity – The Hospice of St Francis

As Described by Georgina



Web Developer and resident Van Gogh

We’ve got a lot to thank this guy for – without him, we wouldn’t have a website! Kumod’s one of the brave ones who has put up with us crazy lot right from the beginning, and he’s an integral part of the compareyourbusinesscosts family. We’ll be honest, he does get a little technical at times, and there’s been more than one occasion where some of us haven’t had a clue what he was doing – but it’s worked! Outside of the office, Kumod’s completely chill. He loves all things quiet and peaceful like painting and reading books – anything to relax him before it’s back to the mayhem of the office again!



Web Developer and head banger

Mandeep joined the compareyourbusinesscosts team to focus on design and user experience – he’s the man who makes sure that you guys can navigate around our site easily, and makes our website look all pretty and sparkly! He’s also the one that puts most of us to shame. While we’ve spent our weekend binge watching a new series on Netflix, Mandeep’s the one that’s been swimming, playing football, or even skiing! He’s always got a story to tell about his adventures, and when we all get a little too silly and crazy for him in the office, he tunes us out by listening to hard rock. Cheeky!

Meet the team Jen


Content Writer and bourbon fanatic

Jen and Carly work together to come up with exciting new ideas for the compareyourbusinesscosts blog (which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!), and to be honest, we don’t know how she copes with us! Jen’s the one who sits and listens to our crazy incoherent ramblings about the business, the website, and the industry, and manages to get it all down into something you guys can actually read! Outside of the office, Jen tries hard to live a quiet life, but with a young family, an insatiable desire to travel, and a true passion for bourbon, that doesn’t always happen!



Pricing Tools Specialist and office clown

Aldo is the pricing tools specialist at compareyourbusinesscosts, and works hard to develop those handy tools that make it easy for you to find the best deals on the web. We never quite know what to expect when working with Aldo (and that makes us nervous!). He’s a quiet, professional guy most of the time, but he’ll also come out with the most inappropriate jokes we’ve ever heard – and we’ve heard a lot! He’s what we affectionately call the office clown. We let him off for being silly, though – he’s a bit of a foodie so he’s always telling us about the best places to go and the best things to try.

Zahid (2)


SEO Expert

Zahid works behind the scenes at compareyourbusinesscosts, researching the latest SEO trends to make sure that it’s quick and easy for you to find our website and get saving! Zahid loves to travel, which means he’s always bringing his latest holiday snaps into the office to make us all jealous – and he always seems to do it when it’s dull and miserable outside, too (he insists it’s just a coincidence!). But if there’s anyone who deserves it, it’s Zahid. He’s very hardworking and loves what he does – he needs to if he’s going to achieve his dream of becoming the ‘world’s best internet marketer!’.