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Merchant Services Essential for eCommerce

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Merchant Services Essential for eCommerce

The way we shop is changing, and there’s a constant evolution in shopping habits that’s proving to have a significant effect on the way retail businesses operate in the UK. First, we made the switch from brick and mortar stores to online shopping. The popularity of online shopping has experienced an almost unprecedented growth, with three quarters of all adults in the UK claiming they prefer to shop online. But now things are changing again, and ‘cross-border’ shopping is quickly becoming the latest trend.

In a report by Pitney Bowes, it was claimed that a whopping 94 percent of us are aware that we’re not limited to UK stores only when we buy online. Cross-border shopping is becoming more popular as we search for more unique products, or the best deals online. Consumers are demanding more choice, and for retailers that means that merchant services are fast becoming an essential for ecommerce.

Merchant Services for eCommerce

Retailers looking to expand their business, target new audiences, and facilitate cross-border shopping are being advised to set their sights on China and the United States, which have been highlighted as two key markets for global development due to the expanse of their ecommerce markets. So just how can merchant services assist and support UK retail businesses who are keen to branch out internationally?

  • Merchant services enable you to quickly and easily accept multiple currencies online.
  • Merchant services allow for international buyers to purchase with peace of mind.
  • Merchant services add an additional security layer, keeping account details safe and secure.
  • Merchant services can arrange for tax-free shopping dependent on shopper location.
  • Merchant services improve consumer relations through instant and clear currency conversion.

Essentially, merchant accounts can take the hassle and concern out of accepting non-UK currency from international buyers, and provide your customers with peace of mind when buying cross-border.

Finding the Best Merchant Services

As global growth continues to play a major role in business development, more and more merchant services are providers are expanding their services to include international payment solutions for ecommerce retailers. At, it’s quick and easy to compare merchant services online to find a provider that not only offers the best services for your business, but also the most attractive rates. So what are you waiting for? Even small changes such as using merchant services can have a significant impact upon global success, and branching out is more affordable than you think!

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