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More Businesses Using voIP

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More Businesses Using voIP

Voice over IP services (voIP) are fast becoming an essential business necessity, according to new reports. While voIP has been a common feature in tech-based offices for many years, we’re starting to see a new trend for this technology to be utilised in many other industries and sectors as businesses begin to understand more fully the many different advantages and benefits that voIP can bring to the office.


In the United States, the use of voIP services is expected to significantly rise this year, with the UK following suit. While an estimated 42 percent of businesses claimed to be adopting voIP technologies at the start of the year, 65 percent are anticipated to be making calls using voIP services by 2016.

Here are just a few reasons why voIP is becoming increasingly popular among modern, savvy businesses:

  • Businesses can save money by making calls over the internet, rather than through a traditional phone line. This reduces business overheads, leaving more capital to be allocated to new investments, and towards further growth and development opportunities for the company.
  • Businesses can make voIP calls from anywhere with an internet connection, which helps to facilitate the growing trend for flexible working patterns. It opens up opportunities for greater business travel, knowing that employees can remain productive while on the move.
  • Businesses can use voIP phones for both calling and video conferencing, which helps to boost both internal and external communications. Whether you need a ‘face-to-face’ with a client, or want to discuss important matters, voIP can remove geographical limitations in communication.

voIP & Business Broadband

If your business is interested in utilising voIP technologies, it’s essential that you ensure you have a business broadband package that will fully support the service. The quality of your voIP call will largely be determined by your business broadband speeds – both upload and download – to you may need to upgrade your current package. Symmetrical leased lines are one of the best options for businesses who are looking for flawless voIP calls without interruptions, as they tend to offer higher upload speeds than standard broadband connections, while not compromising on those all important download speeds.

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