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If you want to extend your private office network across a public network, such as your business internet, you have a few options:

Secure VPN
LAN Extension
MPLS Network
VPLS Network

MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching which is just a technology used to route data or traffic between various sites. MPLS is a technology that has been established since 1998 and is often essential for mission critical business documents to ensure they are delivered securely to their destination.

Retail is a good example of how a business can really benefit from using MPLS technology. Imagine a retail store has 100 shops each one with a point of sale device which needs to send its data quickly to the stores processing data centre. MPLS is the quickest and most secure way to do this. If you have multiple sites sending data traffic between each site MPLS will ensure it’s sent in the quickest and most secure way possible.

Before MPLS traditional networks would use IP routing which is much more time consuming and naturally doesn’t make sense for fast moving businesses. It also could only forward a certain type of data whereas MPLS will forward any type.

The key benefits of MPLS are:

  • Faster Speed – Due to the labelling technology, the speed of performing lookups for destinations and routing is much faster than the standard IP table lookups non-MPLS routers have to perform.
  • QoS – This is a big one and something you will often hear IT managers talk about. It stands for quality of service and means exactly that – you can expect a higher standard of service such as reliability, speed, and voice quality. In addition, MPLS networks are able to assign priorities to the different packets based on what the labels say about that packet. Packets with greater priority, voice over data for example, are given more bandwidth allocation. A packet that which is not deemed as high priority is given less.
  • Security – MPLS offers greater security and are often required for companies which need enhanced privacy and security for their network needs. Some industries like the Health Care and Financial industries are examples of industries mandated by law to comply with specific requirements for network security.

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