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Need Office Space? Start Thinking Outside the Box!

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Need Office Space? Start Thinking Outside the Box!

When we think about office space, we tend to imagine the classic business premises: the cubicles, the copying room, the water cooler hidden away in the corner… but office space isn’t like that anymore. While there are still many traditional style offices in the UK, we’re beginning to see an influx of more unusual, more creative places to work. Office space is evolving, and it’s changing the way we find a place to rent. Companies looking for affordable office rent are being urged to move away from the old-fashioned, and instead think outside the box. Here are just a few weird and wonderful offices:

  • Dilapidated Conveniences
    Ever thought about doing your business from a place where you’d traditionally ‘do your business’? No, neither have we, but it is possible! The South Somerset District Council have recently completed building work on old, closed down public toilets in Ilminster, turning them into cozy yet fully usable commercial spaces and offices for rent. The aim is to ‘provide an opportunity for small and new businesses to lease a small affordable premise within the town’.
  • Classic, Quaint Reimaginings
    As garages have largely rendered classic coach houses redundant, we’re seeing many being transformed into more usable buildings… small homes, cozy hotels, and even office spaces to rent! An old coach house in Haverfordwest has recently been added to the ever-growing list of UK co-working spaces, which offers a professional base while still showing off its incredible history and beautiful architecture, with wooden beams, narrow staircases, and courtyard.
  • Urban Industrial Spaces
    The Victorian arches of the iconic Shoreditch Archway are once again coming to life. These old industrial spaces, many of which have been left unoccupied for years, are now being snapped up by businesses looking for huge floor space in a very trendy, very up-and-coming part of the city. The large, open layout of these units is attracting a variety of industries – we’re seeing many pop-up shops being introduced, and creative companies using the floor for studio space.
  • Legendary Sporting Grounds
    One of the most popular attractions for sightseers in Montreal, Canada, is the Olympic Stadium (or the ‘toilet bowl’ as many locals call it). Built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, the stadium has pretty much been sat empty since the 1980s, but all that looks like it’s about to change. Rumour has it that credit agency Desjardins has recently signed a contract to take up residence in the stadium’s tower, proving once and for all that great office space comes in all shapes and sizes!

Finding Your Own Unique Office Space to Rent

With office rent in the UK rapidly increasing – especially as demand for office space rises – many businesses are finding that traditional office spaces are no longer a suitable option. That’s why it’s so important to think outside the box. As we’ve seen from the above examples, great office space that’s convenient and affordable is sometimes found in the last place you’d expect. Here at compareyourbusinesscosts, we’ll help match you to an office space that works for you. Whether it’s a quirky co-working space, a professional serviced office, or a more classic option, we’ll make sure you find what you’re looking for. Check out our online office rent comparison tool today for a great deal!

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