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North Korean soldiers ordered to steal corn as they prepare for war

Brendan Mann
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North Korean soldiers have been ordered to steal corn from local fields. Officers have ordered troops to supplement their meager food rations by stealing corn from local farmers. Soldiers are being ordered to steal food in order to keep up their strength, in preparation for war.

As North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un continues to polish his collection of big red buttons. His vast army has been ordered into local fields. On a mission to steal food from their own people.

A source in Ryanggang Province claims soldiers carrying big sacks of corn had been seen trying to sell their wares at local markets. North Korean soldiers are reported to suffer terrible conditions. Soldiers are reported to live on meager food rations. That have left many soldiers becoming sick through Malnourishment. This is in stark contrast to the US army who regularly order from the local Pizza Hut before bombing any town.

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North Korean citizens are having to guard their fields from troops. As hungry and desperate soldiers go looking for food. This is creating some unrest among the residents of North Korea.

An increasing number of residents are pointing out that, for them, provoking the US is a losing battle,” the Daily NK reported.

One high ranking official has expressed the opinion. That North Korea should feed its people and stop playing with dangerous toys. While one Washington insider has suggested North Korea should make financial arrangements and feed its people.

Brendan Man

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