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Paint The Office Green and Save £1000’s on Business Utilities.

Brendan Mann

Paint The Office Green and Save £100’s on Business Utilities.

If you are happy to paint the office green. You could save £1,000 each year on business energy costs. December and January are the most energy-hungry months of the year. The English weather is cold and it’s dark at 4 PM. These conditions can put a strain on workers and finances. With the heaters working overtime. We thought it was time to let you into a few money-saving secrets. Here is how you can make your office green and save a considerable amount of money.

Make Your Business Energy Efficient

Every business needs a green energy plan. With over £1 billion wasted each year. It is time for business owners to get a green energy plan. The message you need to deliver is simple. If you are not using it, switch it off.

Each year small businesses lose an estimated £1 billion to the most simple thing in the world. Lights that have been left on. This alone costs British businesses over £1 billion each year. It is estimated that each business in the UK could save over £1,600 if they switched off all lighting and electrical equipment at the end of each day.

Get A Free Energy Audit

It is wise, to get an annual energy audit. The audit will show areas of energy consumption you can reduce. You will be able to clearly see. The areas where your businesses is consuming the most energy. this will help you to take action. The first rule of saving is knowing where to save. This is why you should compare other suppliers. If you use a specialist to compare your business utility costs.  You will be shown alternative suppliers who can give you a better deal. This will let you start saving straight away.

At the same time as comparing supplier for a better deal. You can get a free energy audit. After you have introduced your money-saving green energy plan. You will be able to clearly see. Exactly where you have been able to make savings. Compare your business costs now and get a free energy audit.

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Replace Existing Bulbs with LED

LED and CFL bulbs last much longer than standard bulbs. They also use a fraction of the energy a standard bulb would use. LED lighting can reduce your energy consumption by 75%. Replacing bulbs is a very good way to reduce your energy consumption and save money. LED lighting is not expensive and will give you huge savings on your business energy consumption.

Use Hibernation Settings on Computers and Tablets.

After lighting, the biggest energy drain placed on UK small businesses. Comes from Computers and laptops that are left switched on overnight. Turning off computers or putting them into hibernation mode will have a number of positive effect on your office. The first thing you will notice is your energy bills will drop considerably. You will also notice your computers will run better if they are powered down at least once a day.

When businesses leave computers and laptops switched on all night they are wasting a huge amount of energy. A small business can save up to £1,700 a year. By simply turning off computers and lights at the end of each day. This is a big saving for such a small thing. If you follow these simple steps you will start to see big savings.

You can start saving now. If you compare your business utility costs today. You can get a free energy audit. With £1,000’s in potential savings. It is a good time to compare your business costs.