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Phone systems are an integral part of many businesses. Whether it’s the dreaded Monday morning conference call, a super selling telesales team or customer care calls, most of us will have to use the phone at work at some point. So, it makes sense to compare phone system prices & ensure you are not paying more than you need to.

What is a phone system?

A phone system is a network of phone lines that can allow your business to set up a range of advanced features including call handling and transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, private and shared voice message boxes etc.

What type of Business Phone Systems are there?

As technology has evolved so has the types of phone systems business can now have. The main ones used today are:

How much does a telephone system cost?

It all depends on 3 key factors -

The more advanced you need it to be the more your telephone system will cost. Prices can start from as little as £7.99 pcm.

Business Phone System Providers

There are lots of business phone system providers in the UK so choosing one depends on what features are important to you & what your requirements are for your phone systems. To get a quote simply fill out the above form.

How to Choose your next office phone system

With so much choice on the market now choosing a new office phone system can be very daunting. There are hundreds of companies all claiming to offer you the best deal on your phone system and at the best price. So how can you be sure you are making the right decision? Using the right technology? Picking the best features? We have made a short & easy to follow guide to help you pick the best office phone system.

Step 1 – Start with what you have

If you already have an office phone system you could save yourself money on the new one by using your existing equipment if you already own it. Most businesses are now using or moving onto VoIP or cloud based office phone systems. This is generally because they are cheaper and allow you and your staff to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

So that is a key thing to consider if you are going for a VoIP office phone system – How reliable is your current internet connection? You may need to upgrade to a dedicated line if your connection is slow or drops out.

Step 2 – List what you need

There is now a huge range of features for office phone systems so its always a good idea to make a list. Each company’s needs will be different so take some time to think about what features are most important to your business. You may consider things like:

Step 3 – Get some quotes

When looking for a new office phone system getting some quotes is a key part of ensuring you get the best deal. We would recommend 3 because no body wants to be inundated with sales calls & e-mails but its enough to give you a good idea of what’s available on the market. When gathering your office phone system quotes its important to ensure they are like for like. With so many providers offering different extras its easy to get quoted for completely different volumes or features, which naturally can change the cost dramatically. Make sure all quotes are giving you prices for:

Final step is deciding what provider to go with and signing the contract. If you opt for a VoIP system installation can be extremely quick and you will usually be offered some conference training on how to use the system itself. Most VoIP providers of office phone systems will be able to do all install & training over phone or video conference as its run on software so even the least technical among us will be able to download some software! We hope this guide has helped you with your office phone systems & if you have ant further questions please don’t hesitate to contact.

Phone Systems – What is what?

Phone systems are at the heart of most business communications & an essential part of how we all communicate. In the UK, the entire market used to be dominated by one provider and old, expensive options were all businesses could get. However now there is almost too much choice! As business has evolved so have what our phone systems can do.

However, when you are buying a new phone system it can get confusing seeing so many different options & abbreviations, so we have all the information you need to help.

There are 3 main types of phone systems for businesses –

Phone systems will always be important to business and despite how communication via the internet has increased, e-mails cannot match a simple telephone call. However, phone systems have also moved with the times and can offer a whole range of extra features such as video conferencing which is set to be the next big thing in business.

Always consider what you need in your phone system & what you imagine you will need in the future. Do you expect the size of your business to grow? If so you will need a provider who can offer easy scalability with their phone system. Whatever you go for we hope this has helped understand the differences in phone systems.

Business Telephone Systems – Why it pays to compare

Businesses all over the UK rely on their telephone systems every day. Whether its communication between departments, with other business partners or with clients the humble telephone system has helped us excel for decades.

In the beginning there was just the simple key telephone system for businesses which are very similar to the phones most of us have at home. They were all manual & couldn’t offer any additional features or services.

However, as technology evolved so did the types of business telephone systems available and the additional features they started to provide. You can now have video calling, hold music, auto dialling, remote phone use, conference calls, auto attendant, call blocking, monitoring barge, transfer announced or unannounced, IVR systems, conditional call forwarding, do not disturb, employee directory, instant messaging & many more! So, it's easy to understand how different businesses can utilise some of these features. But how can they be sure not to get overcharged? Or be paying for features they don’t need?

As with most of our own personal phone/broadband when it comes to business telephone systems it can really pay to shop around and do a comparison. Many businesses will go to different providers and get quotes, but it can be time consuming and frustrating. Why use a comparison site for your business telephone systems?

If you are looking for a new business telephone system & want to get some quotes what we would suggest is spending a bit of time listing what you need first. The obvious is how many handsets/users, if that is expected to grow & if so by how much, what features you need, how many minutes/calls you expect to make and also the type of business telephone system you want – PBX, VoIP etc.

Once you have this information you are ready to do a comparison and get the hassle taken out of your search. Getting a new business telephone system can be made easier for you by spending a couple of minutes on a comparison website & letting them do the leg-work for you. We hope this has helped & if you have any questions feel free to get in contact. Happy Looking!