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Understanding the Different Types of Photocopier

How many different types of photocopier are there? Well, how long is a piece of string? There are so many different makes and models out there that, sometimes, choosing a photocopier for your business can feel a little overwhelming. But don’t panic. Despite the seemingly vast variations, there are really only three distinct types of photocopier, all of which have minor differences that make them unique.

  • Type 1: Low Volume Black & White Photocopiers

    ‘Low volume’, in terms of photocopiers, usually means that a copier is capable of producing around 30 pages per minutes. They’re designed for startup businesses, SMEs, and industries which typically have relatively low copying requirements, as opposed to design agencies, for example. Although very cost effective, they’re anything but basic. In fact, some of the best low volume photocopiers perform multiple functions, including scanning and faxing. All-in-one photocopiers are ideal for small offices where space saving solutions are needed. These machines usually print onto A4 pages only.

  • Type 2: High Volume Black & White Photocopiers

    High volume photocopiers are designed for medium to large businesses, or industries which traditionally have very high copying needs. Most are multifunction, which means that they combine a wide range of office services – printing, scanning, faxing, copying, for example – all into the one machine. They can typically produce between 30 and 50 pages per minute, although the higher end models can even produce up to 125 pages per minute! Some photocopiers may offer WiFi connectability to help streamline internal processes, and businesses will often have a choice between A4 and A3 machines.

  • Type 3: Colour Photocopiers & Complete Printing Systems

    These are the most advanced types of photocopiers on the market. Like their black and white counterparts, the machines are usually classified as being ‘multifunction’, but they’re able to produce full colour pages. They’re best suited to businesses that are regularly required to produce design materials for their clients, or work on in-house marketing campaigns. Between 30 and 50 pages per minute is about standard. Some of the more advanced models may market themselves as ‘complete printing systems’, which means they include software that can create printing reports and so on.

If you’re feeling a bit lost while trying to find a new photocopier for your business, we’re here to help! At compareyourbusinesscosts, we’ll help you find a photocopier that perfectly matches your requirements, and you won’t need to pay a penny more than you need to! By comparing rates from some of the UK’s biggest photocopier suppliers, we can find you an affordable copier that will benefit your business.

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What Business Should be Looking for in a Photocopier

There are so many different types of photocopier out there, how do you know which one will be the right fit for your business? Depending on your needs, there are a wide range of photocopier features that are well worth looking into. With the right features and the right photocopier, you could find that you’re able to streamline your processes and see improvements in overall business development.

Here’s some aspects to consider and features to look out for when choosing a business photocopier:

  • Pages Per Minute

    Photocopier capacity is determined by pages per minute. This is the number of pages the copier can produce in 60 seconds. Low volume copiers usually produce up to 30 pages per minutes, while advanced models can handle up to 125 pages per minute! However, on average a good, mid-range copier should be able to produce between 30 and 50 pages.

  • Black & White vs. Colour

    Black and white photocopiers are usually the more cost effective option, but they may limit your future business growth and development. While you may not require colour now, you might need it for upcoming projects. It’s always recommended that business think towards the future. It’s worth searching for a good rate for a colour copier.

  • Single vs. Multifunction

    Single photocopiers have the advantage that they’re often very low cost and remarkably compact, so they’re ideal for small office spaces and startups. However, multifunction photocopiers, which scan, fax, print, and so on, can be an excellent space saving – and money saving – solution for those that require more than simply photocopying.

  • A4 vs. A3

    The A4 vs. A3 debate can be likened to the black and white vs. colour debate. While you may only require A4 printed pages now, might you need A3 printed pages in the future? If you know where to look – such as price comparison websites, for example – you’ll find that some A3 photocopiers only cost a small amount more than A4, yet offer many more advantages.

  • Graphical Interface

    Don’t waste time spending hours teaching your staff to use a complex photocopier and restricting office production time. Instead, look for a business photocopier that has a large, easy-to-use graphical interface. Many photocopiers now have much better user experience than they did a few years back, taking the hassle out of getting things done!

  • Price

    There’s no need to drain all of your financial resources when getting a photocopier for the office. In fact, even the most advanced models can be quite affordable. It’s recommended that businesses use the online tool at com to compare the different prices from different UK suppliers, to find a cost effective copying solution for their company.