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Real Time Data Essential for Modern Vehicle Tracking

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Real Time Data Essential for Modern Vehicle Tracking

GPS-enabled vehicle tracking systems have quickly become a part of any business fleet, but with so many option on the market, how can you ensure you’re getting the best system for your company? While there are many different aspects that make vehicle tracking systems great, there is one specific feature that is widely considered to be essential for modern operations, and for improving productivity and boosting customer satisfaction: real time data. Real time data is one of the hottest topics in the vehicle tracking world right now, and thanks to its many benefits, it’s showing no signs of cooling down anytime soon.

Why Real Time Vehicle Tracking?

When it comes to vehicle tracking, the advantages of utilising real time data can really be broken down into two separate areas: customer benefits, and internal benefits. Here’s how real time can help:

Customer Satisfaction
We all know that there’s nothing more frustrating than being told a delivery will be made ‘between 8am and 8pm’, but unfortunately, for many logistics firms, it’s simply not possible to provide greater specificity at the time. This is, of course, because logistics plans are nothing more than theoretical until they’re in motion. That’s where real time vehicle tracking can help. Many firms are already utilising this technology, providing real time location information to customers, improving the overall experience.

Internal Benefits
The internal benefits of real time vehicle tracking are twofold. Firstly, making use of real time data as it is available can help to solidify a day’s plan. It would, for example, provide information to the driver regarding road closures, accidents, or heavy traffic, enabling the driver to plan in advance for the most efficient rerouting. Secondly, this real time data can be fed back to the office to audit driver behaviour and ensure that routes and reroutes are planned to ensure maximum fuel efficiency, reducing costs.

For any UK business that operates a fleet – no matter how big or how small – GPS-enabled vehicle tracking is fast becoming essential. However, it’s important not to automatically select the cheapest option, as this may not always be the most cost effective. Look for vehicle tracking systems which utilise real time data, with advantages and benefits that can really make a significant difference not only to your day-to-day productivity, but also to your finances, employee satisfaction, and customer service, too.