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Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance, like pub insurance, as any owner will agree presents its own dangers which need to be protected. Restaurants can be extremely high risk due to a few factors – the main two being the high influx of people going in and out daily and the serving of food and alcohol.

Mixing those factors with cooking equipment, busy kitchens and bars, food or drink spills and human error it can easily become a (bad pun alert!) recipe for disaster. When mistakes do occur it’s rarely a cheap fix so it pays to protect yourself with Restaurant Insurance and specifically Restaurant Insurance you can tailor to your business needs.

Restraint Insurance can cover your business, your building and your employees and claims can vary so much depending on the situation. So you might have to claim from a smashed window or someone making a claim against your business.

There’s a few details worth knowing before getting your restaurant insurance quote, which are:

  • Insure your stock at the cost price, not the retail price
  • Make sure you know the difference between contents insurance and fixtures and fittings cover – these insure different types of items
  • Do you need buildings insurance? If you rent your premises, your landlord may take care of this already

Once you are sure you know what kind of policies you need you can use our online pricing tool to get an instant quote for restaurant insurance. You can also use this to get a quote on any pub and hotel insurance too. So save yourself time and money by running a free comparison today, because let’s face it you have enough on your plate without worrying about slips and spills!