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Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is often a great solution for businesses in rural or poor connectivity areas. The main advantage of satellite internet is you can get broadband anywhere with no phone line required. In recent years the technology used to deliver satellite broadband has seen huge improvements. But many still don’t fully understand how it works.To simplify the technology the satellite internet provider would install a “sat modem” which connects your satellite dish to your PC or router. That same dish then connects your router to the satellite which connects you back to the internet on earth.

It is most popular with businesses in rural locations and although not great for high data users it can often give you much higher speeds than broadband and is just as low cost. The majority of satellite internet providers will also have a “fibre guarantee clause” or “easy cancellation”. This is where they make it easy to leave and don’t tie you into any long or hard to exit contracts. The reason for this is they know many businesses that require satellite internet are waiting for fibre broadband to be installed which is usually able to accommodate higher speeds, so naturally many businesses will switch to that option.

If you have been struggling to get fibre or can only receive low broadband speeds then satellite internet is a viable option. Most providers can give you up to around 22Mbps, however lagging can make it seem no faster than your broadband so if you’re looking to do a lot of media streaming or spends hours on YouTube then satellite internet may not be the best option for you.

The other factor that can put some people off is the actual dish is quite a bit bigger than your sky dish and is usually white so if your a contemporary design company with a nice sleek office it may stick out like a sore thumb!

But sometimes you can’t argue with logic and if you don’t have a great amount of connectivity options, with prices from £10 per month and better speeds than broadband, satellite internet can make good business sense.

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