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Secret Brexit Plans Reveal Homeless People To Be Given Luxury Cabins In Your Back Garden

Brendan Mann

New Brexit plans reveal secret proposals that include giving homeless people luxury cabins In suburban Back gardens. Micro homes inspired by luxury yachts and airline cabins have been crammed into one suburban back garden. As part of an effort to ease homelessness in British cities. Secret Brexit plans reveal government plans to make this a national initiative.

The first tenant is expected to move into the £40,000 homeless pod in the next week. The pod was crane lifted into one Worcestershire garden. The arrival of the first homeless pod coincides with the publication of a report from the London planning committee. Recommending off-site manufactured homes be used to help solve the capital’s housing crisis. This report sits alongside secret Brexit plans to install homeless pods in suburban back gardens across the country.

Reports reveal that the pods can be stacked on top of each other. Meaning homeless people can be stacked like tins of baked beans on a supermarket shelf.

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Each pod has 1 bedroom large enough for a double bed, a kitchen, shower room and “entertainment zone”. The homeless pods come with excellent WIFI. One government insider has declared the homeless pods. To be better than the south London cupboard, he lovingly calls home.

A leaked report shows secret post-Brexit plans to put homeless people to work. Proposals include using the homeless as mobile base stations and solar charging points. One government official is quoted as saying. “All they do is sit on street corners shaking plastic cups. If we attached a solar panel to them and small transmitter. They could collect solar energy and distribute WIFI.” When asked to comment one homeless man we spoke to said: “Have you got a quid mate.”

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