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Secure VPN

If you want to extend your private office network across a public network, such as your business internet, you have a few options:
Secure VPN
LAN Extension
MPLS Network
VPLS Network
A Fast Secure VPN/ a Most Secure VPN, is made by creating a virtual point to point connection between two locations. All data that passes between these locations is then encrypted and allows the user to benefit from the functionality, management and security policies of the public network (or your business internet).
When you are looking for a VPN connection for your business, Security is the most important factor- closely followed by speed of performance. Think about it, if you have a workforce on the move who all need to connect into the central office server; if this is unsecure or slow, either you’re opening yourself and your business up to threat or you workforce won’t be able to do their job efficiently.
For most businesses connecting to servers in different offices, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) VPN is the most common, which can be set up extremely quickly via an internet browser.
Other options include:
Open VPN- Cheaper secure VPN but more easily hacked
PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunnelling)- The latest type of Secure VPN and is very secure for BYOD
IPSec (Internet Protocol Security)- Even more secure VPN than PPTP but much harder to set up
Trefor Davies, CTO of ISP Timico, advises: “Firstly, your office firewall needs to be able to support VPN. Then you need to have good anti-virus software running on this firewall. This will protect your network from infections picked up in external environments that may not be as secure from malware.”
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