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Shop Insurance

As you may have guessed shop insurance is designed to insure shops! The hint is in the name but with that being said would a jewellers and a green grocers need the same shop insurance? Probably not and the reason for that is all shops are different, not just because of what they sell but also who they sell to and what kind of shop insurance policies they require.So because all shop keepers will need different types of shop insurance, the policy tends to compromise of a number of different insurances under one umbrella policy. A typical shop insurance quote is likely to include:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance for business use
  • Employers Liability Insurance.

However certain shops may need to add other types of cover for their shop insurance so the above is just the standard basic level.

Shop insurance is usually focused on retail businesses that are run from a commercial property. If you have a pub, hotel, and restaurant or own a commercial property which you rent out to other businesses you may well want a policy more specified to your risk. Our online pricing tool allows you to pick what policies you need included in your shop insurance and what level of cover you need for each. So you have the ability to tailor your insurance based on the needs of your business.

Anyone who owns or runs a shop knows the importance of protecting yourself, your business and your stock but it’s also important to keep your costs as low as possible which is where we can help. So if you own or run a shop and want to find the best deal today run our free instant online comparison.