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SIP is a way to send analogue voice files over the internet so you can make calls without using the traditional telephone system. SIP provides cheap and easy to use business phone services.One of the reasons it’s so much cheaper is you bypass the call charges because its run over your internet. With SIP you usually pay a small set up cost and then a monthly amount for your number, so no call charges which can make a hug difference if your business operates internationally. In general SIP will dramatically reduce your usual telecoms costs and can give you a superior service in comparison with traditional telephone systems.

You usually have two options with business SIP packages:

  • Hosted SIP – This is particularly good for small businesses, because it means your provider will maintain all equipment in their data centre. This means you don’t have any expensive hardware to buy and it keeps it all secure and safe for you.
  • Physical SIP Switchboard – This type of SIP service involves installing a switchboard into your premises and planning your own disaster recovery and security. Physical switchboards cost money to buy and maintain so will usually mean more upfront costs.

Whatever package you decide is right for you, the other key benefits of SIP are the added extras you can get. Some examples of the extras are the ability to block withheld numbers, transfer calls straight to your voicemail, video conferencing, ring back, three way calls and much more. SIP can form an important part of your disaster recovery plan. Because you can redirect calls at will, you can keep on using the same numbers, even if there’s a disaster which puts your company HQ out of action. All you need is an alternative location with an internet connection.