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The Changing Face of Business Broadband

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When you’re considering business broadband for your growing company, what factors are the most important to you? Speed? How about reliability? Or perhaps you’re focusing on cost? Well what about sports? While it may sound very unusual, BT are working to change the face of business broadband by acknowledging the blurred lines between work and play, and adjusting their packages accordingly.

Homing From Work

We’ve all heard of ‘working from home’; it’s a concept that has grown significantly in recent years, and flexible and remote working policies have almost become the norm in the UK. However, ‘homing from work’ is a relatively new notion, and is used to refer to personal tasks undertaken in the workplace. It’s reported that 93 percent of professionals conduct personal tasks from the office, and while watching sports doesn’t quite make it into the ‘Top 10’, BT are now including their sports app in a number of business broadband packages as standard, offering live coverage of football, rugby, and cricket matches.

New Business Broadband Packages

These new business broadband packages are designed to help create unity between work hours and personal hours. In a statement issued by BT, the internet service provider says that ‘in today’s world many of us blur the lines between work and personal hours so it’s great to be able to offer BT Sport for those moments of personal downtime either at home or in the office’. It is hoped that the addition of the app to business broadband packages will help to boost morale, motivation, and satisfaction while simultaneously improving productivity by minimising the need for time off to watch sporting events.

An Evolving Environment

The addition of sporting apps to standard business broadband packages highlights just how much the business broadband landscape has evolved in recent years, constantly changing to ensure it’s always meeting the needs of modern businesses who follow an episodic growth pattern, rather than a linear progression. Leased lines, for example, have been introduced into the mainstream commercial world for their ability to offer greater speeds, while internet-enabled hosted business telephone systems with voIP capabilities help to bridge the gap between the more traditional and more modern communications.

Compare Business Broadband

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