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The Coworking Space: The Cyber Cafe of the Future

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The Coworking Space: The Cyber Cafe of the Future

The first cyber cafe in the UK was opened in London in 1994, and the concept was widely claimed to be the ‘next big thing’. And it was! At a time when business internet was just starting to take off, and when just a few lucky homes had access to a dial-up modem, the internet cafe industry was booming. Right up until 2006, cyber cafes continued to be hugely popular in the UK, but by 2008, the number of people visiting cyber cafes was dwindling. At this time, only around 5 percent of the British population were using the internet from a cafe, with many preferring to browse the web either at work, or at home.

Of course, there has been significant internet use growth over the years as connections have become more commonplace in both the work environment and the home environment. In fact, it’s reported that the number of people with internet access has risen to more than 84 percent of the population today. While internet cafes are still a hot trend in some parts of the world, especially in India which has remarkably slow connection speeds (reportedly the slowest internet speeds in Asia), use in the UK is continuing to drop, suggesting that the overall notion of the cyber cafe could be about to die out.

Is that true? Well, not quite. While this may well be the end of the cyber cafe as we know it, it’s certainly not the end of the concept in general. Far from it actually, with many claiming that the coworking space is the cyber cafe of the future. The coworking space, it can be argued, is the ‘grown up’ version of the internet cafe, with many similarities between the two. These similarities include:

    Collaborative Space -

  • One of the biggest advantages of a coworking space is that it not only facilitates but also encourages collaboration and networking between like minded individuals, potentially boosting creativity and productivity. Cyber cafes also enabled this type of networking.
  • Fast, Reliable Internet Access -

  • Although many of us now have access to the internet at home or in the office, there have been concerns that we’re not getting advertised speeds. A coworking space will often be set up with faster, more reliable access, much like a cyber cafe of the 1990s.
  • Added Extras -

  • What’s more relaxing than surfing while sipping on a rich, creamy coffee? That was one of the great things about cyber cafes, and many types of coworking space are now jumping on the bandwagon, offering a wide range of refreshments for their clients.

Of course, the coworking space has many additional benefits, helping to bring the cyber cafe concept to the next level. A coworking space is not just for collaboration, for focus, and for communication, but as many are now offering dedicated meeting rooms and conferencing facilities, it’s also a place to meet with and entertain both existing and potential clients. If you’re looking for a coworking space, compare office rates online to find the best deals – and the best venues – in your local area.