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Think Green and Save Big If You Compare Business Costs Today

Brendan Mann
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Think Green and Save Big If You Compare Business Costs Today

It is important for businesses to create a green energy plan. For business managers, a green energy plan has two meanings. First, it is a commitment to sustainably. Everybody loves the word sustainability  Secondly and most importantly your green energy plan. Is a way to reduce business operating costs. Put simply you save and energy and you save money. The term energy saving plan is a big hit with employees.  Everybody loves the word sustainability. Think of it this way, you can have an office money saving plan or you can have a green energy plan.

Estimates show that over 70% of businesses are losing money from not being energy efficient. The numbers presented are eye-watering. If your business compares energy costs and takes a free energy audit. You will quickly see where you can save money and work to reduce your energy consumption. Here are some questions we think every business manager should be asking.

  • Are there always lights on in your business?
  • How long are the lights on for? 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.?
  • Is the heat always on during the winter?
  • Is the air conditioner always on during the summer?
  • Are you doing anything already to eliminate the need for a heater or AC unit?
  • What type of atmosphere are your employees comfortable in?
  • Are there any alternatives you can provide them when you’re moving forward?
  • Are the lights turned off at the end of the night?

If you answered yes to most of these questions. You need to consult a business energy specialist and get some expert help. By simply fixing some of the above problems you can save over £1,000 a year.


Before you implement your energy and money saving plan. It is important to get your free energy audit. This will help you identify areas of energy consumption you can reduce. Your energy audit can also be used to track the scale of your savings. You should also compare energy suppliers to find the latest deals and cheapest tariffs. If you compare your business costs today. You will be connected with experts. Who can arrange your energy audit and business utility switch.

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Use The Off Switch

One of the most effective ways to see big energy savings. Is by simply switching off equipment when it is not in use. Studies show that the average printer remains powered up and idle for over 265 days each year. When you add photocopiers and computers that are switched on all night. You start to see a large amount of waste power. By simply turning off equipment when not in use. Your business could save over £1,700 each year.

Go Paperless

Printers and photocopiers are not only a drain on energy. They are also a drain on paper. Printing large amounts of paper is not environmentally friendly. Expensive inks, paper, and maintenance can put a strain on operating costs. When you consider most people have more touchscreens than pens. You have to ask the question, why are we still using paper?

Compare Your Business Costs Today

Compare your business costs today and give your business a full energy audit. The process is quick and simple. Compare your business costs today and let the experts do all the hard work for you.


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