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Trade Insurance (or tradesman insurance) is an important cover if you are a tradesman or woman with an operating business. Whether you are a builder, electrician, carpenter, plumber, painter or any other form of trade’s person it’s vital you cover yourself with trade insurance.Trade insurance can cover a huge range of things and naturally that will vary based on the specific risk your company or your trade requires cover for. Trade Insurance can cover your equipment, your on-going work, and any compensation costs which may follow legal claims made against you or your company and other optional added extras depending on your industry.To qualify for trade insurance you need to be deemed as a professional in your area of work and be over the age of 16, it’s that simple.

Trade insurance is a usually a combination of different insurance policy’s all put under one and tailored to your business. The reason for that is different trades and different businesses will have very different requirements. This often means they will need different types or levels or trade insurance. For example if a tree surgeon is working on a government contract they may require a certain amount of cover as per the contract, which is what your trade insurance provider would need to know, so they can give you the best quote.

The best news is it isn’t as expensive as you might think. So whatever type of trade you work in you can get a free online quote by filling out our trade insurance pricing tool. IT takes a few minutes and even if you already have trade insurance you may be able to save money by switching over providers. Follow our link above to run your free comparison.