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UK Businesses Paying Too Much for Business Broadband

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June 3rd 2016 marks the last chance for UK businesses to provide information to be used within the Government’s ‘Review of Business Broadband’. The review aims to ensure that companies across the country have access to business broadband services that help – not hinder – their future growth and development. While speed is, of course, anticipated to be a major focus of the review, it is also expected that the Government will address another very important issue: that many UK companies are paying too much for business broadband services; services that have recently become an unofficial ‘public utility’.

A study undertaken by EEF: The Manufacturer’s Organisation, claims that more than one third of UK companies are spending more than £5000 per year on business broadband services. Larger businesses are more likely to be paying more, although around 23 percent of small businesses, and 50 percent of mid-sized enterprises are also believed to be paying above and beyond what is necessary. Even if it is said that £5000+ per annum is a reasonable cost for business broadband, more than half of the companies who took part in the study claimed that their business broadband services were not expected to meet their future needs. What we have, it appears, is a commercial sector who are feeling like they have little choice but to pay over the odds for services that aren’t necessarily benefitting their business.

There is a growing concern that businesses have been put on the back burner when it comes to broadband services. ‘They’ve watched as households have been prioritised’, says EEF Chief Economist Lee Hopley. Not only has there been a definite focus on the rollout of superfast services to domestic customers, particularly those living in more rural areas, but there has also been an influx of specialised online portals helping domestic customers to compare deals to ensure they’re getting the best prices. What options are there for businesses trying to minimise costs? offers quick and simple solutions for UK companies who may be paying too much for their business broadband.

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UK companies should not be feeling forced into paying above and beyond for their business broadband services. Shopping around for the best services, and the best prices, is one of the most effective – and efficient – ways to minimise costs and ensure you’re getting the best speeds for the best rates.