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Free Ultrafast Broadband WIFI Is Here

Brendan Mann
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Faster than a speeding bullet. Free “ultrafast broadband” WIFI is here. If you are in the city of London that is. With some postcode lucky businesses having access to Free 180mps business WIFI. We look at how this is possible and how all businesses can benefit from Ultrafast business broadband.

It has been a long-standing fact that the UK has been behind when it comes to delivering fast and reliable broadband. There has long been talk of infrastructure and logistics being a problem. But things are changing, at ultrafast speeds.

The recent launch of the Ultrafast Broadband WIFI network in London City has raised a number of questions. Those based on the financial square mile can now experience free WIFI at speeds of 50mbs to 180mbs. All users have to do is create an account and they can enjoy the super fast internet speeds. Many of us dream of.

But what about the rest of the country. Especially those rural areas that have been struggling with slow business broadband speeds. The 2017 announcement of “Ultrafast UK broadband” has opened the door to solving this problem. With a number of cities and rural areas already rolling out fiber optic networks The UK has fastened its seat belt and made the jump to super fast.

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There are now more than 22 Gigabit cities in the UK. A Gigabit city is a fiber optic driven city. Capable of delivering superfast broadband to homes and businesses. Some of the first Gigabit cities have been those with a reputation for slow broadband speeds. It is also good to see that many rural areas are falling under the Gigabit city umbrella. As the UK finally takes giant steps in the direction of becoming a digital country capable of delivering superfast broadband to even the most rural areas.

The beauty of the Gigabit city is the potential for growth. The network has been developed to be scalable. This means success and popularity will not strangle the network. Success will have the opposite effect and improve the network. Being able to travel to a town such as Huddersfield and experience the same lightning fast internet I would experience in London City. Is incredibly encouraging. In many rural areas, it is now possible to experience the same internet speeds. Those in larger cities take for granted.

For those businesses that continue to be concerned by slow business broadband speeds. There is a clear solution. That is growing and improving every day. For more information on Gigabit cities and companies providing “superfast” internet in your area. Click the link below to get your free business internet review.

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