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Vehicle Tracking

What are Vehicle Tracking Systems?

If your business relies upon the regular use of a fleet – if you make deliveries, for example, or transport goods – you may benefit from a vehicle tracking system. These discrete systems will not distract your drivers. Instead, they’ll transmit valuable data back to your office that will enable you monitor your operations, and give you an opportunity to identify any ways in which you could streamline your processes to save money, improve driver satisfaction, and ultimately boost customer experience.

So how does vehicle tracking work? It’s actually much more simple than you may think. The ‘driver end’ of the system is nothing more than a GPS device – the same sort that you might have in your own car. The only difference is that the device will be fitted with a communications channel that relays data back to your office. This means that you’ll be able to log-in to your account using your vehicle tracking provider’s software, and have instant access to a range of information that could prove beneficial.

Here is just some of the information that a vehicle tracking system can report:

  • Selected route to a given destination, as well as fastest route
  • Location of the vehicle, usually updated every minute
  • Speed during a journey
  • Distance travelled and duration
  • Driver behaviour, including rapid acceleration and abrupt movements
  • Fuel consumption
  • Carbon emissions
  • Total driving time
  • Accidents
  • Rest time / standstill time

Ideally, it is hoped that these reports should make it simpler for you to identify areas for concern, and take the appropriate measures towards improving and streamlining your existing processes.

Vehicle tracking systems have become much more advanced over recent years, and many now offer two-way communications that enable you to feedback to your drivers based upon the live information you’re receiving. You may wish to suggest an alternative route, for example, or encourage your drivers to take a break if they have been on the road for too long. Ultimately, the aim of vehicle tracking systems is to improve your business through better driving behaviours, which can result in a safer working environment for your staff, reduced business overheads, and happier clients!

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What are the Advantages of Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Vehicle tracking systems can have a huge effect on businesses who operate a fleet of any size. But how? How can vehicle tracking systems help to improve business processes and boost your reputation?

  • Reduced Fuel Costs

    By examining data relayed from the vehicle’s tracking device, it’s easy to identify areas that could be contributing towards higher fuel costs. This could be taking longer routes to a destination, or exhibiting long periods of sudden acceleration and deceleration, rather than maintaining a more constant speed. Drivers can be made aware of areas to focus upon.

  • Improved Driver Behaviour

    American-based tracking company, Donlen, reports that one of the biggest advantages that their customers see is improved driver behaviour. This is usually in response to feedback based on relayed data from the GPS, or simply because drivers are aware that their routes are being tracked. Improved driver behaviour could lead to a significant reduction in accidents and injury.

  • Greater Route Compliance

    We’ve all heard stories of drivers ‘taking a short cut’ and ending up in a pickle. That’s why it’s important to install vehicle tracking devices across your fleet. Built in GPS systems, which identify the fastest routes for your drivers, can help improve route compliance and reduce route variation. This can help to keep your drivers safe, and keep your outgoings at a consistent level.

  • Customer Service Boost

    There’s a growing trend for delivery firms to provide their customers with access to online vehicle tracking, allowing them to see exactly where their delivery driver is, and estimate a time of arrival. This is highly convenient for customers, and may result in ongoing custom, improved reputation, and an overall positive customer experience. It gives you an edge over competitors.

  • Better for the Environment

    At a time when many of us are looking to ‘go green’, vehicle tracking can be a huge help. The GPS system can collate data relating to carbon emissions, helping to you determine whether or not you’re using the right vehicles for the job at hand. It encourages businesses to look into methods to reduce their carbon footprint, and become more environmentally friendly.

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