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Vehicle Tracking & the Environment

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Vehicle Tracking & the Environment

Whether it’s business solar panels, recycling, or turning computers off at night, many of us are starting to think more seriously about ‘going green’. Not only can it help to save money, but it can also help to boost reputation and impress potential clients, many of whom are looking to work with companies that can demonstrate that they operate in responsible and ethical ways. However, if you have a fleet of vehicles, doing your part can seem challenging. The good news is that, with vehicle tracking systems, it’s much simpler for you to make a difference, reducing emissions and minimising your carbon footprint.

How can vehicle tracking systems help your business to become more environmentally friendly? Through accurate and consistent monitoring of overall driving style. A system can detect and record:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Rapid changes in driver behaviour
  • Periods of standstill or rest

This information, which can paint a pretty decent picture of individual driving style, will be sent directly to your office, where it can be monitored through software on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. As many of us know, a consistent speed is more eco-friendly than constant starting and stopping. Through this data, we can monitor driver behaviour, and ensure they’re using the fastest, clearest routes at the time.

Business can use this data to set performance targets for as part of an updated ‘green’ driving policy.

While ‘going green’ is an ongoing process for many businesses, rather than a single task, for businesses operating a fleet of any size, what it all boils down to is three simple concepts. Your business will be able to make a significant improvement in fuel consumption and emissions by driving fewer miles, reducing idle time on the job, and supporting and encouraging a more eco-friendly driving style. These aspects can all be addressed through a good vehicle tracking system, which is why they’re so beneficial.

Regardless of whether you operate a small fleet or a large fleet, a vehicle tracking system is one of the best ways for your business to make a difference and help to protect our environment. And the good news is that they’re very affordable, especially with the great deals here at compareyourbusinesscosts. We make it quick and easy for you to compare prices from major vehicle tracking system providers in the UK, so you can analyse prices and package information before selecting a product.

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