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What is VPLS?

VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Service & is a way to provide ethernet-based multipoint to multipoint communication over IP or MPLS networks. It enables businesses who use it to create a logical local area network (LAN) structure between geographically separate sites. IT doesn’t matter where these sites are all the services run on it will appear on the same LAN.

Virtual private networks have evolved considerably. Today VPLS based VPNs enable service providers to offer business customers the operational cost benefit of ethernet with the predictable quality of service characteristics associated with MPLs.

What is the difference between VPLs and MPLS?

To understand the difference between VPLS and MPLs we need to understand each product.

MPLS stands for Multi-protocol label switching which is a technology method used by providers for high performing networks. It directs data using short labels rather than the traditional long network addresses, which saves valuable time.

Both VPLS & MPLS run the same underlying MPLS technology so they are very similar and can often be confused for one another. However, they are two separate products, and each is designed for separate reasons.

MPLS allows you to have a flexible, cost effective VPN across a shared core network infrastructure while using a choice of last mile technology. VPLS allows you to extend you network across different locations, however it can only utilise an ethernet last mile technology.

How much does VPLS cost?

The price of a VPLS network varies and depends on different factors – how many sites, how far apart they are, what technology you need incorporated. So, there’s no set price we can give without those details.

VPLS benefits

VPLS has all the benefits of MPLS but with the added ability to do even more if it needs to. This means that its becomes a more futureproof and flexible option. It delivers a secure, private, full-mesh Ethernet VPN to connect your business internationally.

VPLs is also global so you can connect all your sites together into a single LAN, using ethernet technology. Sites are also easy to add so it can grow as quickly as your business can too.

What attracts many to using VPLS is the control over routing you get – which is a key benefit when it comes to security concerns

VPLS quotes

VPLS quotes vary based on your specific needs & the only way to know the prices is by getting a comparison done. We help you do this and get exclusive industry discounts which can save you up to 30% compared to direct pricing. All our VPLS providers have industry leading QoS & fix times and the comparison is completely free with no obligation to buy.

So if you are looking to get a new VPLS or your existing VPLS network is coming up for renewal why not get a free quote & see how much you can save?

If you want to extend your private office network across a public network, such as your business internet, you have a few options:

Secure VPN
LAN Extension
MPLS Network
VPLS Network
VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN service and is a technology that makes it possible to connect local area networks (LANs) over the Internet, so that they appear to users like a single Ethernet LAN. A VPLS uses multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) to create the appearance of a virtual private network (VPN) at each user’s location.

The key benefits of VPLS are:

  • Faster Speed – Due to the labelling technology, the speed of performing lookups for destinations and routing is much faster than the standard lookups non-VPLS routers have to perform.
  • QoS – This is a big one and something you will often hear IT managers talk about. It stands for quality of service and means exactly that – you can expect a higher standard of service such as reliability, speed, and voice quality. In addition, VPLS networks are able to assign priorities to the different packets based on what the labels say about that packet. Packets with greater priority, voice over data for example, are given more bandwidth allocation. A packet that which is not deemed as high priority is given less.
  • Security – VPLS offers greater security and are often required for companies which need enhanced privacy and security for their network needs. Some industries like the Health Care and Financial industries are examples of industries mandated by law to comply with specific requirements for network security.

So to get your free VPLS quote today fill out our WAN contact form with as much information as possible and one of our specialists will get in touch.