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Watch Out – Here Come Serviced Offices!

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Watch Out – Here Come Serviced Offices!

Rapidly rising office rents all across the country have been the source of much frustration recently, particularly for smaller businesses and new ventures trying to get off the ground. However, as a nation we’re not the sort to back away from a problem, and it’s this determination that’s helping us to find a solution. So what is the latest trend for financially savvy businesses? It’s got to be serviced offices.

Serviced offices certainly aren’t a new concept. They’ve been popping up around Britain for many years. However, what we’re starting to see now is serviced offices that are being specifically tailored for modern businesses. We’re no longer content with the bare minimum. We want offices with style, personality, and with the ‘wow’ factor, and that’s what the new generation of serviced offices have.

Far from being four walls and a door, the latest serviced offices in London have been likened to ‘hipster hangouts’. They’re designed to impress – impress businesses, impress clients, impress investors. At a time when businesses are relying more on their image and are striving to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to impress. And best of all, many now come with everything a business could ask for:

  • Business wifi included as standard
  • Telecoms packages to boost communication
  • Virtual office services such as virtual receptionists
  • Business gas, electricity, and water as part of the rent
  • Access to collaboration and meeting spaces
  • Free teas, coffees, and even snacks!

The serviced office industry in the UK is only going to get bigger and bigger over the next few years. Recently, it was announced that one of Asia’s most prominent serviced office firms would be taking on the UK, with Manchester as its starting point. It is expected that, once completed, the first batch of serviced offices ready for businesses will vary between 700 square feet and 9000 square feet in size!

Serviced offices are anticipated to be the next big thing in UK office space due to affordable costs, good central locations, and a wide range of amenities as standard. If you think that your business could thrive in a serviced office, find out more at compareyourbusinesscosts. We’ll help you identify the best serviced offices for your needs, and find the very best rates in your city. Give us a try today!

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