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What Type of Business Phone Line Do You Need?

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What Type of Business Phone Line Do You Need?

Whether you’re a new start up enterprise, moving to a new premises, or reevaluating your communication technology needs, a business phone line is probably something that you’ll need to take into consideration. Like domestic phone lines, which can be as straightforward or as complex as you need them to be, a business phone line can be very flexible, making it easier to properly meet your needs.

However, choosing a business phone line can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. As you’ll see if you browse or compare business phone line suppliers such as BT and Virgin Media, there are lots of different options to choose from. So just how do business phone lines differ, and which is right for your company?

When looking at many business phone line suppliers, you’ll find that there are typically three separate options. While these may all be described differently – and have different titles – depending on the supplier, if you look closely at the features you’ll find that there are usually these three selections:

Option 1: The ‘Budget’ Business Phone Line
It is perhaps not all that surprising that budget business phone line options are typically the cheapest, so if you’re working to a strict budget, these lines can be ideal. They are especially suited to smaller businesses and start ups who have not yet fully determined what their communication needs are likely to be in the future. While these lines do come out on top when it comes to price, it’s important to understand what you may be missing out on. These options often have longer lead times for fixes, and perhaps even more importantly, they often cannot be connected to an internal telephone system.

Option 2: The ‘Middle of the Road’ Business Phone Line
As the name may suggest, this type of business phone line is a sort of happy medium between the lower and upper ends of the scale. Many businesses find that these types of business phone line are still remarkably cost effective, yet give a few added extras that can help make their business run that little bit more smoothly. The most notable extra is, of course, that the phones can be connected to a business telephone system. The advantage of a business telephone system is that it allows for comprehensive call management within the premises, such as transferring calls and potentially even conference calling.

Option 3: The ‘Top of the Range’ Business Phone Line
While these types of business phone line tend to be the most costly, many businesses do find them to also be the most cost effective, giving them the most ‘bang for their buck’, so to speak. Ideal for larger businesses and for those with greater communication needs, there are two major benefits of these high end business phone lines. Firstly, they allow for more handsets to be connected to the system, and secondly, they often include a wide range of features that you won’t find on the cheaper lines. These features could include call diversion, call barring, three-way calling, ring back, code calling, and so on.

Although there are lots of different types of business phone lines out there, selecting a business phone line shouldn’t feel complicated or stressful. At Compare Your Business Costs, we do all the hard work for you, giving you quick and easy access to straightforward information about the best lines for you.