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What’s Stopping YOU From Getting Superfast Broadband?

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What’s Stopping YOU From Getting Superfast Broadband?

Last month, the Federation of Small Business published a new report titled ‘Reassured, Optimised, Transformed: Driving Digital Demand Among Small Businesses’. The report was created in response to findings that suggest that only 26 percent of small businesses are already using superfast business broadband, and that just an additional 46 percent are planning to upgrade their current service. The question that was raised was ‘why is uptake of superfast broadband so slow among businesses?’

As you may know, availability of superfast broadband in the UK remains rather unclear. There has long been talk of the ‘last 5 percent’, referring to parts of the country that may never have access to the service. Of course, the most obvious explanation for a lack of interest in superfast broadband for business is that many companies are not aware that they have this option available to them. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s been found that, of the businesses that know they could arrange for superfast business broadband, nearly half are opting not to. What’s the problem?

There’s No Excuses for Slow Business Broadband

The recent report published by the FSB concludes that there are two main reasons that small businesses are choosing to use slower services that may not be beneficial to them:

  • Satisfaction

Many businesses are reporting that they are completely satisfied with their current business broadband speeds, but what some are failing to consider is how these speeds may affect them in the future. The way we conduct business online is constantly changing, and the FSB report claims that many businesses are not yet integrating the more modern methods into their day-to-day operations. Mobile services, for example, are one of the cited aspects, while the use of rich media could be considered another. The FSB states that many small businesses are ‘making these choices without a full understanding of the market’, or of how a better service could prove beneficial to business operations both now and in the future.

  • Complexity & Cost

A further reason for steering clear of superfast business broadband was found to be cost and complexity. A large number of small businesses are claiming that an abundance of different suppliers, each offering different terms & conditions, different contracts, different services, and different prices are making upgrading to faster business broadband too time consuming and too risky – nobody wants to make an expensive mistake. The good news is that this issue that many small businesses today are facing is being addressed directly by online comparison sites, such as compareyourbusinesscosts.com. These online tools help to find the best service for you, plainly outlining what each supplier is offering, and for what rate. It’s simple!

Why Upgrade to Superfast Business Broadband?

So what’s stopping you from getting superfast broadband for business? Whatever it is, it could be holding you back. As digital demand is increasing, and as consumers are expecting more from the people they do business with, the benefits of having a fast, reliable broadband service are quickly coming to light. The FSB reports cites the following as some of the biggest benefits:

  • Ability to interact with customers online
  • Quick and easy internet banking
  • Opportunities to conduct business digitally
  • Boosting innovation within the industry
  • Planning for the future
  • Improved sales

So what are you waiting for? Check out compareyourbusinesscosts.com’s easy-to-use online comparison tool and start the ball rolling. There’s no excuses for slow business broadband today!

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