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Why a Reliable Business Broadband Connection has Become a Must-Have

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Why a Reliable Business Broadband Connection has Become a Must-Have

As we can all imagine, companies are relying on a reliable business broadband connection more than ever before. In fact, 98 percent of SMEs now claim to use the internet for business related purposes. But how exactly has the use of business broadband changed within just the last few years, what are small enterprises using the connection for, and why has it never been more important to focus on speed?

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills released the Small Business Survey 2014 earlier this year, outlining how business broadband use has evolved, and demonstrating why a reliable connection has fast become a must have within many industries and sectors. Here’s some of the findings:

  • Emails to Customers – The top reason for using business broadband in 2014 was to email customers, with 85 percent of SMEs utilising their connection for this purpose. Communications are essential in terms of customer satisfaction, which is why reliable business broadband is vital.
  • Paying Taxes Online – 79 percent of SMEs now use their business broadband connection to pay their taxes online. Paying taxes online has seemingly become more important in the past few years, perhaps due to convenience, with just 68 percent of businesses doing so back in 2012.
  • Advice of Regulation – A reliable business broadband connection enables SMEs to stay up-to-date with any changes in regulation to ensure they remain law complaint. Last year 61 percent of SMEs used their connection for this reason – up by 2 percent from 2012’s figures.
  • Other Business Advice – 59 percent of businesses now use their business broadband connection for general business advice, such as guidance related to continued growth and development. This has become more important in the past few years, up by 3 percent on 2012’s figures.
  • Digital Promotion – The use of business broadband for digital promotion and marketing is also up by 3 percent on 2012. Today, 68 percent of SMEs rely upon a fast business broadband connection to improve sales and profits through social media, online directories, and so on.
  • Reducing Outgoings – 39 percent of businesses that applied for financing had difficulties being accepted during the 12 months prior to the survey. Therefore, many turned to their business broadband to reduce costs, such as making use of business price comparison websites, etc.
  • The way we use business broadband is changing, and the most common reasons for using the web – communications, tax purposes, boosting sales, and so on, all mean that a fast, reliable internet connection is essential for businesses. If you’re struggling with a business broadband connection that doesn’t meet your needs, you’ll find a great deal on an upgrade at compareyourbusinesscosts.

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