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Why All Business Should be Using a Bandwidth Checker

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The ‘speed gap’ is a worrying concept, particularly for businesses. The term is becoming more and more popular in the UK, referring to any inconsistencies between the speeds that a business broadband provider advertises to prospective customers, and the speeds that are actually received by the business. Fortunately, by using an online bandwidth checker, businesses are now able to get a more accurate idea of the speeds that they receive during different times of the day, enabling them to quickly and easily take action by switching business broadband provider should their current provider not be delivering.

Why Use a Bandwidth Checker?
There are many reasons why all business in the UK should be using a bandwidth checker, including:

  • Checking that business broadband providers are consistently delivering upload and download speeds that are reasonably close to the speeds that they advertise for a particular package.
  • Analysing speeds to ensure that the speeds that are being received not only meet expectations and requirements now, but will also continue to do so as the business grows and develops.
  • Accurately monitor changes in broadband speed throughout the day to identify periods of peak usage which could significantly reduce upload and download speeds on a contended service.
  • To determine if there are other business broadband providers in your area that could potentially provide a faster, more reliable service than the service that is currently being received.

How Does a Bandwidth Checker Work?
Using an online broadband checker is simple. It works by downloading a file to the computer, noting the time it takes for the data transfer to complete. In many cases, the download should take less than 1 minute to complete. For accurate results, it’s a good idea to close any applications that can significantly affect speed and performance, such as radio, voIP services, video streaming services, and so on.

Closing the Speed Gap
The good news for businesses is that action is being taken to try to minimise the speed gap. A number of business broadband have recently signed up to follow a new Ofcom code which means that providers must be more transparent when advertising their speeds, giving businesses a more thorough understanding of the actual speeds they will receive before a contract has been signed. If you feel that your business has been the victim of the speed gap, you can get a more accurate idea of the speeds you receive by using a bandwidth checker. It’s quick, simple, and ultimately it gives a unique insight into any changes that may need to be made in order for your business to grow and develop further.

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