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Why Business Broadband is Essential for Surviving the Festive Season

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Why Business Broadband is Essential for Surviving the Festive Season

Christmas is just around the corner, and while it is traditionally known as ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, for some the festive season can seem somewhat bittersweet. Many of us believe that, above anything else, Christmas is a time for family – the kids are off school, relatives visit from all across the country – but employees are finding it’s becoming difficult to secure time off work during this period.

The issue, of course, is that we don’t tend to rest or relax over Christmas – we’re always on the go, and we’re expecting more from businesses at this time of year. Last year, for example, an impressive £441,000 was spent online every minute during Christmas Day. Modern businesses are finding that it’s impossible for them to shut down for anything more than the absolute minimum – the 2 bank holidays.

Unfortunately, a recent study shows that 63.9 percent of employees are feeling the strainover Christmas, caught between their contractual obligations and quality time with their family. So what’s the solution? How can businesses continue to operate during this busy period, while still keeping employees happy, and providing a little festive cheer? The answer, of course, is fast, reliable business broadband.

How Business Broadband can Make a Difference

Business broadband – particularly business broadband with reasonable upload and download speeds that support voIP and cloud computing, and a reliable connection – is essential for surviving the festive season. It can benefit businesses, and their employees, too, in a number of different ways, including:

  • Flexible Working
  • Is it essential for employees work from the office over Christmas, or could they perform their duties from their home? Allowing employees to work from home allows them to spend more time with their family, while still keeping things ticking over from a work perspective. With a good business broadband package, employees can upload any necessary documentation and files to the cloud, ensuring they can easily access the materials they need to do their job from anywhere with an internet connection, including their own home or even a relative’s home.

  • Communications
  • Sometimes, flexible working isn’t always an option, and employees are required to be in the office to conduct their regular duties. In these situations, businesses may wish to consider easing up on restrictions regarding personal internet use, as long as necessary tasks are still completed on time and to an appropriate standard. With a good business broadband connection, employees could use voIP over their lunch break to check in on the family or chat with the kids while they’re off school. It’s the little things that really do make all the difference.

    It’s important for small businesses to consider employee satisfaction, but over the festive period it can be difficult to find the right balance. That’s why business broadband is so important at this time of year. If you’re interested in upgrading your business broadband package to improve speed and reliability, it’s simple to compare prices and suppliers here at compareyourbusinesscosts.com.

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