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Why Business WiFi is a Must-Have

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Why Business WiFi is a Must-Have

Shocking reports suggest that a whopping 96 percent of UK businesses have been the victims of hacking. While we’ve seen many different ways in which a company can unknowingly be hacked – through phishing, through viruses, and through USB malware, for example – it is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to suffer security breaches and leave themselves vulnerable when accessing public WiFi.

A problem occurring today is that public WiFi is so commonplace. BT WiFi alone now has more than 5 million hotspots dotted around the country, and many businesses are seeing dedicated business WiFi as somewhat redundant. However, becoming negligent when using public WiFi for business is one of the contributing factors to increased cyber crime in the UK. Business WiFi is a must-have in the digital age.

While business WiFi won’t necessarily address all hazards involved in conducting business online, what a dedicated network will do is provide you and your employees with the tools required to minimise risk. The rest is up to you. If you’re considering introducing business WiFi, it’s essential that your staff are provided with the correct training to ensure that your risk of suffering a breach remains negligible.

So what are some of the ways that you can help to protect your business, and your dedicated network?

Collaboration & Communication – without connectivity constraints that has traditionally seen employees glued to their desks, face-to-face collaboration is easier and more frequent.

Guest Access – whether you regularly host clients on-site, or welcome customers to your premises, offering a guest connection can help improve satisfaction and reputation.

Freedom & Flexibility – with widespread access across even large offices, dedicated business WiFi allows for greater flexibility in day-to-day operations and internal processes.

If you must access public WiFi for business purposes, such as when you’re travelling for business, for example, it’s important to take the appropriate measures to keep your information safe and secure. Always use a VPN when possible, instruct your device not to automatically connect to networks, and be vigilant when it comes to sharing confidential information through WiFi, especially without a VPN.

If you’re keen to protect your business from the ever-increasing risk of hacking, then it’s time to rethink public WiFi. Setting up a dedicated business WiFi network isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t have to be costly. At compareyourbusinesscosts.com, we’ll help you find the best business WiFi deals around, helping you to protect your data without the cost. Simply complete the online form to find the best provider for you.you get 70Mb but in actual fact you could only be getting 10. So do a speed check and then get a quote with us!

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