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Why More Bandwidth and Increased Security Will Save You Money

Brendan Mann

“We need more bandwidth and greater security” Steve Jobs

A leased Line is also known as a Dedicated Line. It is a single line for the transfer of voice and data between a telecommunications company and a business customer. The leased line is not shared with any other customers. The leased line will only be used by one business.. The results of a fixed line are widespread. Initialy you will experience “ulra fast” internet. As you are not sharing any bandwidth. You will have the fastest internet as you are the only customer on the line.

You will also have greater control over your network security. Shared lines are always vulnerable to attack. If the attacker is determined to access your network a shared line will be the door the attacker needs. With a leased line, you are the only user. This means there are no other doors for the attacker to use. Leased line communications are the first line of defense against cyber attacks. If you hold confidential information or payment details on your servers. Perhaps the time has come to consider a leased line.

Why does my business need a leased line?

Faster Speeds 

In business speed is everything. Many businesses lose hundreds of hours in productivity because of a slow and unreliable internet connection. With a shared line there are no problems. You will have 100% of the bandwidth all the time. If you are considering cloud computing. A fixed line should be your first consideration.

Cloud computing relies on two things. Speed and security, if either fail. Your entire business could stop. If you are considering cloud computing as a solution. You need to first look at the communications you business currently users. You need to consider how secure and reliable your current network is.

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Tailored Service

No more overpaying for bandwidth and services you don’t use. No more gimmicks or free now expensive later offers. Your leased line will be tailored to meet your needs. If your business grows or downsizes you adjust your leased line as required. As you are combining your voice and data costs you will see some savings. If you bundle your mobile communications needs with your fixed line. You will begin to see some very attractive savings.

Uninterrupted Service

When you switch over to a leased line. You want zero downtime or disruption. This is why you can contact independent experts. Who will connect you with leading leased line suppliers. Who can meet your needs and your budget You can contact a team of experts, safe in the knowledge you will receive impartial advice and have a promise of no pushy sales people contacting you. We have helped thousands of businesses with their business communications requirements

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