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To see if you can get an uncontended WiMAX solution at your location, use the leased line tool above.WiMAX simply refers to internet delivered over the air- rather than through wires in the ground. This service can deliver speeds from 2Mb to 100Mb, which is fully uncontended and symmetrical, just like a leased line.

For the WiMAX solutions we compare, you can expect a fully managed service, terminated on a switch with a service level agreement, or “SLA”, of more than 99.5%. Fix times are contracted to 4 hours and all of our providers use proactive monitoring for your connection. This is similar to leased lines and means, in the unlikely event that your connection goes down, you know your ISP will be on the case, and likely to have fixed the problem before you have even picked up the phone to let them know!

Providers that use this wireless WiMAX technology include Luminet, Metronet and Urban WiMAX- all of which can install your connection in under 10 working days. This is, on average, around 50 working days faster than any existing leased line competitor.

WiMAX solutions are perfect for businesses and sole traders who need guaranteed internet and either 1) don’t have the means to pay for excess construction charges or 2) need a faster install time.

Some businesses also use WiMAX connectivity for resilience purposes. This allows them to have full diversity and true resilience by running a connection from one provider through the ground and another WiMAX connection from another provider through the air… eliminating the risk of those pesky JCB’s that often like to dig up business critical leased lines!
WiMAX Solutions start from around £200pcm. Use the leased line tool today to see if your postcode is eligible.
If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, use our broadband tool above which compares ADSL 2+ and FTTC.